Uyghur mother and sons in Xinjiang Province, China (iStock photo credit: rweisswald)

“In the process of eradicating extremism, the minds of Uygur [sic] women were emancipated . . . making them no long [sic] baby-making machines.” 

This quote is taken from an article recently appearing in the Chinese Communist Party-owned China Daily, claiming that the “eradication of extremism” has helped Uyghur women “to become healthy, confident and independent.”  In fact, this article seeks to justify China’s horrific human rights abuses against Uyghur women.  U.S. officials and China critics have slammed the article.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for example, promptly responded in a tweet,“Uyghur women are not ‘emancipated’ by forced abortions and sterilizations.” 

The China Daily article states that the birthrate among Uyghurs in Xinjiang has decreased “from the eradication of religious extremism.” What’s missing from the article is that, according to an AP Report, CCP-backed scholars have identified “as a key obstacle [to the CCP’s goals in Xinjiang] the religious belief that ‘the fetus is a gift from God.’”   This belief is identified as “religious extremism.”  By that definition, believers in most major world religions, including Christianity, would be identified by the CCP as “religious extremists.”   

Saying that the minds of Uyghur women have been “emancipated” from this “extremism,” “making them no longer baby-making machines,” shows the Chinese Communist Party’s disparaging view of religious faith, its patronizing view of women, its racism against Uyghurs, and its complete disrespect for the value of human life.

The China Daily article, citing a “report,” claims “The changes were not caused by ‘forced sterilization’ of the Uygur [sic] population, as repeatedly claimed by some Western scholars and politicians.’”  

This claim is pure propaganda.  It demonstrates the way in which the CCP’s media organs simply promote any narrative they want the world to believe, without any connection to reality.   In fact, according to credible sources — including the Associated Press, researcher Adrian Zenz, and Radio Free Asia, — substantial evidence exists that Uyghur women are being heavily persecuted through forced abortion, forced sterilization, and even infanticide.  These practices constitute crimes against humanity. 

The Trump administration has taken a leading role worldwide in forcefully condemning the CCP’s atrocities against the Uyghurs, a Muslim minority group in Xinjiang Province, also known as East Turkistan.   The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act received strong, bicameral and bipartisan support.  We call upon the Biden administration strongly to condemn human rights atrocities perpetrated by the CCP in Xinjiang, to sanction Chinese officials responsible for these atrocities under the Global Magnitsky Act, and to issue a genocide determination.  We further call upon them not to renew funding for the UNFPA, absent complete transparency and proof that the UNFPA is not collaborating with the CCP’s egregious population control program.  We also believe that China should not be honored to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

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Breakpoint/Colson Center Reggie Interview: God’s Image in a Little Girl


I am grateful to Breakpoint and the Colson Center for highlighting our life-saving work in China.   This Breakpoint piece focuses on my work at Mother Teresa’s home for abandoned children in Calcutta.  I tried to feed a small girl with a broken body but the spirit of a giant.  The radiance of her smile showed me why Mother Teresa was committed to the infinite value of every human life, especially those society casts off as worthless.  In many ways, this small girl was the inspiration behind our mission to save baby girls in China.  You can read this inspiring Breakpoint interview HERE.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Babies, Mothers and Widows in China Are Grateful to You

As we celebrate a day of thanks with our families and loved ones, I hope you feel great about what you have done for the women and girls of China.  Because of your generous support, hundreds of mothers have been able to resist the pressure to abort or abandon their baby girls.  These mothers are intensely grateful to you for enabling them to keep their beloved daughters. 

And, because of you, we are able to offer dignity and support to destitute widows in the Chinese countryside.  They are grateful beyond words for your help, which translates into food on the table and the restored sense that — even when their families have abandoned them — there are people who care, including you!

May the gratitude of the families we have saved in China overflow into your own hearts and homes this Thanksgiving day and always.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today is World Children’s Day – “Third Daughter” Saved in China

“Zhilan’s” mom was ready to give her away to strangers, until she talked to our fieldworker!

November 20 is World Children’s Day, commemorating the day in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.  Today, 61 years later, let us remember that an estimated 200 million women and girls throughout the world are “missing” through sex-selective abortion, abandonment, and fatal neglect.  But we are saving baby girls in China! 

This radiant little girl, Zhilan, is such a girl.  Unfortunately for her, she is the third daughter in her family.  Under China’s Two Child Policy, even second daughters are at risk of being aborted or abandoned.  Too many third daughters like Zhilan are never allowed to see the light of day.  

Zhilan’s family is poor, and did not want a third child, much less a third daughter.  Her mother was afraid of the harsh financial penalties of having a third child under China’s Two Child Policy.   Therefore, the family was thinking about giving Zhilan away to strangers.  They had even found a couple in a nearby city who wanted a daughter.  

But Zhilan’s mother knew that something was wrong, because the thought of giving Zhilan away to strangers broke her heart.  She could not bear the thought of a strange couple coming to take away her little daughter.  In anguish, she did not know what to do. 

Fortunately, one of our fieldworkers heard about Zhilan and visited the family to offer a monthly stipend for a year.  With our encouragement Zhilan’s mother decided to keep her beautiful, third daughter.  With tears in her eyes, she told our fieldworker, “Money is helpful, but this is something bigger than money.  I made the decision that I will raise my daughter myself, because a stranger from far away wants to help her.  Now I see that there is no excuse for me to give her away.” 

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WATCH – Reggie’s Feature Interview – China’s One Child Policy Turns 40

Dear Friends,

Friday, September 25 marked the 40th anniversary of China’s One Child (now Two Child) Policy.  I was truly humbled that the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation chose to interview me in commemoration of this somber anniversary.   The eminent Dr. Adrian Zenz, Senior Research Fellow in China Studies at the VOC, introduced me.  At minute 4:43,  I begin my 25 minute presentation on the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party, and what we are doing to help, especially with our Save a Girl and Save a Widow campaigns.   Dr. Zenz discusses continuing forced abortion, involuntary sterilization and infanticide against the Uyghurs.  This event is co-sponsored by Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.  You can watch this powerful interview HERE.

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Chinese Widow Lixue Lost her Husband, her Son, and her Will to Live

“Lixue” was “too sad to live” until our fieldworker gave her hope and help

Lixue is seventy-two years old.  Her husband passed away twenty-eight years ago from lung cancer.  Tragically, her only child, a son, committed suicide in June 2020, at age 26, just one month before our fieldworker found her. We may have saved this precious widow from committing suicide herself.

Lixue has never been to school and she has never traveled outside the town in rural China where she was born. She was infertile, and so adopted her son when she was forty-six years old.  His biological mother ran away when he was one month old. Since Lixue is from a poor family, no one wanted to marry her son. (Because of the sex-selective abortion of baby girls, there is now a great shortage of marriage-age women.  For this reason, a young man’s parents are often expected to provide a home for their son so that he can attract a wife.)  Lixue believes her son killed himself in June because he borrowed too much money in order to attract a girlfriend, and could not pay it back.  Lixue can’t forgive herself, because she had no money to help him. 

When our fieldworker found her, Lixue said she was “too sad to live.”  Was Lixue thinking of committing suicide?  If so, she would not be alone. China has the highest female suicide rate of any country in the world, especially in the rural areas.  Beyond this, the senior suicide rate has skyrocked 500% over the past 20 years, because the One Child Policy has decimated the family structure and left millions of seniors destitute with no children to care for them.

Our fieldworker came to Lixue saying she is a human being deserving of dignity and love.  She also offered Lixue $25 per month in practical support.  Lixue feels comforted, knowing that there are people in the world who care about her enough to visit her every month and give her the financial help she desperately needs to rescue her from abject poverty.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is helping Lixue during her time of greatest need, giving her hope and practical help.  With our help, she knows she is loved.  With the $25 a month we give her, she is able to eat better and heat her little room in the cold winter. 

Won’t you help abandoned widows in China? Learn more about our Save a Widow Campaign HERE.

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China’s One Child Policy Turns 40 — Forced Abortion and Infanticide Continue

A victim of late-term forced abortion in China in 2012.

According to an August, 2020 report by Radio Free Asia:

Every hospital had a family-planning unit that was responsible for implementation [of China’s Two-Child Policy] – who had how many kids, when they’d given birth to them – they tracked all of this.  The regulations were so strict:  There had to be three or four years between children.  There were babies born at nine months who we killed after inducing labor.  [Medical staff would] even kill the babies after they’d been born . . . they would kill them and dispose of the body.  They wouldn’t give the baby to the parents – they kill the babies when they’re born.”

This is the statement given to RFA by Hasiyet Abdulla, who worked in several hospitals in the Xinjiang/East Turkistan region of China for 15 years. 

Today marks the 40th anniversary of China’s One-Child (now Two-Child) Policy, the most massive social experiment in human history, responsible for hundreds of millions of forced abortions and sterilizations.  Forced abortion continues under the Two-Child Policy, as third children remain illegal.  Indeed, the same RFA investigation reports that, “According to a June 8 [2020] report published on the official Xinjiang Web news site, an average of 8 million “extra” pregnancies are aborted in China each year.”

This August 17, 2020 report by Radio Free Asia is the third in a trilogy of block-buster investigative reports – one by the Associated Press, the other by Adrian Zenz of the Jamestown Institute, both released in June, 2020 — demonstrating current, widespread use of forced abortion and sterilization by the Chinese Communist Party, against the Uyghur minority Muslim population of Xinjiang. 

Forced abortion, involuntary sterilization and infanticide continue to cause unimaginable suffering in China.  China’s One (now Two) Child Policy has caused more violence against women and girls than any other official policy in human history.  Now, on the 40th anniversary of its inception, we demand that this violence must end.

These reports demonstrate conclusively what I have been saying for years:  coercive population control has continued under the Two Child Policy.  What happened to the Han Chinese under the One Child Policy is happening to the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang now.  I believe these atrocities constitute both genocide and crimes against humanity.

Watch the video, “Stop Forced Abortion, China’s War on Women.”

Sign a petition to end forced abortion in China.

Coercive population control in China has also led to the sex-selective abortion of tens of millions of baby girls.  Now, there are an estimated 30 to 40 million more men living in China than women.  This extreme gender imbalance has led to large-scale human trafficking and sexual slavery in China.  Learn more about our Save a Girl Campaign, which has saved hundreds of baby girls in China.

Relatively unknown, however, is another enormous demographic group virtually ignored thus far:  the elderly, especially widows.  To address this, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers launched our Save a Widow Campaign.

WATCH our new video on Saving Widows in China:

China’s current elderly population is 241 million, 17.3 % of the nation’s total population, and rising.  China’s elderly population is set to peak at nearly half a billion, or 35% of the total population, in 2050. 

Sadly, senior suicide is on the rise.  According to a report in the China Daily — a Chinese government–affiliated English language news outlet — the suicide rate of rural Chinese elderly has increased 500% in the past two decades, from 100 to 500 per 100,000.  An abstract in The Lancet stated, “ On average, mortality from suicide in Chinese people aged 65-85 was 2.75-7.08 times that of the general population.”  According to sociologist Liu Yanwu, who studied the issue for six years, “. . . I was more shocked by the lack of concern in villages where the elderly commit suicide . . . It seems that death is nothing to fear, and suicide is a normal, even a happy end.”

In the past, elders were venerated and cared for by their children and grandchildren.  “Filial piety was valued in old China, but many elderly people in rural areas can no longer depend on their children as a result of the great economic and social changes over the past three decades,” continues Liu, “and the pension system fails to compensate . . . In China, farmers are vulnerable, and old farmers are the most vulnerable.”

The studies show that the elderly, especially elderly widows who traditionally have depended on their children to support them in old age, are becoming destitute and so desperate that they are committing suicide.  They are the invisible victims of the demographic disaster caused by the One Child Policy and are in urgent need of help.  For this reason, we launched our Save a Widow Campaign.  We have boots on the ground inside of China, restoring the dignity and giving practical support to abandoned, destitute widows in China to show them someone cares.

To learn more about the Save a Widow Campaign, click here.

To learn more about the Save a Girl Campaign, click here.

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Coercive Population Control in China – Join me online Friday at 11:00 EDT

Dear Friends,

Friday, September 25 is the 40th anniversary of China’s One Child (now Two Child) Policy.  Please join me, and Dr. Adrian Zenz, Senior Research Fellow in China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, for an online, virtual conversation commemorating this somber anniversary.  We will discuss the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party, especially in light of continuing forced abortion, involuntary sterilization and infanticide against the Uyghurs.  This event is co-sponsored by Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.  Please register to attend virtually HERE.

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Chinese Baby Girl Saved from Sex-Selective Abortion at 6 months

“Jiao” saved from sex-selective abortion at six months

This adorable three-week-old baby girl is “Jiao” (her name has been changed to protect her identity) – and she will never know how hard her brave mother fought to keep her alive.  Jiao’s mother wept as she told our undercover fieldworker her story.

When Jiao’s mother was six months pregnant, she and Jiao’s paternal grandmother went to the hospital together for an ultrasound to determine the baby’s gender.  Jiao’s mother told us that as soon as the doctor announced the baby was a girl, her mother-in-law’s expression changed from expectation to disappointment.  Her paternal grandparents wanted a grandson intensely.  They felt they had lost this grandson when they received the news that Jiao is a girl. Jiao’s paternal grandmother began pressuring Jiao’s mother to abort Jiao, just because she is a girl.  Jiao’s mother courageously refused to abort her daughter.

After Jiao’s birth, without her mother’s consent, the grandmother even found a childless couple who wanted to adopt Jiao.  Jiao’s mother refused to give her daughter up for adoption.  She loves Jiao and is determined to raise her.  

Our fieldworker stepped into this heartbreaking situation with a message of hope and support.  We told Jiao’s mother that of course, girls are as valuable as boys – something women rarely or never hear in rural China.  We also offered her a monthly stipend for a year, to empower her to keep her daughter.  Our encouragement and support are a light in the darkness for Jiao’s mother.  It is our joy and privilege to extend hope and a helping hand to brave women like Jiao’s mother, who are fighting for the lives of their daughters in situations that seem hopeless.

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Int’l Day of Democracy – Socialism Is Hell

“Socialists promise heaven on earth, but always end up giving you a one-way ticket to hell.”  — Jennifer Zeng

“The goal of socialism is communism.”  — Vladimir Lenin

Screenshot of Jennifer Zeng speaking on Capitol Hill in October, 2019.  Subtitles by Breitbart.

September 15 is the International Day of Democracy – a day when those of us fortunate enough to live in a democratic society celebrate breathing the air of free speech, freedom of religion, self government and the rule of law. 

Too often, socialism is held up as an ideal, even in the United States.  My colleague, Jennifer Zeng, is a courageous survivor of a Chinese labor camp.  She describes the truth about socialism.  The Chinese Communist Party forcibly aborted Jennifer’s second child under the One Child Policy.  Then, they burst into her home in the middle of the night and detained her.  When she asked why, the police officer answered, “Because of your thought.”

Jennifer, a survivor of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” – communism – tells the story of being detained and tortured brutally in a labor camp because of her religious beliefs.  On her first day, she and others were forced to squat with their hands behind their heads, looking at their feet, for 15 hours, in the baking sun.  Anyone who fainted was shocked awake with electric batons.

Jennifer says that “Every day was a struggle between life and death.”  She says that the slave labor in the camp was used to make products sold all over the world, including in the United States.  She says that she and others were forced to submit to blood tests, the results of which would go into a database for forced organ donation, in which innocent people were killed to harvest their organs for transplant.

Anyone who thinks socialism is a good idea should watch this video.   It is just four minutes long.  Socialism makes promises that sound noble, but in reality, it delivers crushing pain.  Man-made famines, thought police, inescapable surveillance, forced abortion and sterilization, forced organ harvesting and so many more crimes against humanity have brutalized the Chinese people for more than 70 years. Those of us who live in a democracy must commit ourselves to never let this evil form of government take hold of our land.

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