Breitbart:  Twitter Suspends Account of Human Rights Champion Reggie Littlejohn

Dear Friend,

As you know, I have been suspended from Twitter for my post against mandating Covid injections for children as young as six months old.   Thank goodness for Breitbart’s article decrying this disgraceful action.  Here’s the link to the article:

Twitter Suspends Account of Human Rights Champion Reggie Littlejohn

If you are on Twitter, you can help me by tweeting this article to your followers, and especially to @elonmusk.  Ask him to hurry up and close the deal on Twitter. Ask him to restore the account of @reggielittlejhn and the many other truth tellers who have been banned from Twitter.  We need #freedomofspeech!  

Then, if you really want to make a statement, you could consider leaving Twitter and joining one of the alternative platforms, with a final tweet stating that you are protesting the unjust banning of anyone who questions the official narrative.  It’s hard to say what will have the greater impact – staying on Twitter and advocating for change or leaving in protest.  But please, do one or the other.   Freedom of speech is worth the sacrifice!

When Big Tech is trying to cancel me, I depend on you, my friends, to help me get my message out.  Please follow me on these platforms:

Truth Social, Gettr, and Parler:  @RealReggieLittlejohn

MeWe: reggielittlejohn

The author of the Breitbart article, Thomas D. Williams can (still) be followed at @tdwilliamsrome.

Thanks so much,

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