CENSORED – Twitter Suspends Reggie

Reggie joins the ranks of truth-tellers banned by Twitter

Dear Friend,

Without warning, Twitter suspended my account.  

They demand that I agree to delete a tweet they say violates “Twitter Rules,” by “violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful misinformation regarding Covid 19.” 

What was this “misleading and potentially harmful misinformation”?  Here’s the text of my tweet:

The FDA and the CDC approved jabs for babies as young as 6 months.  These jabs should not be mandated or be added to the childhood vaccination schedule.  Take action here! (with a link)

Here is a screenshot of the notification from Twitter:

Note:  The first sentence of my tweet is a fact, not “misinformation.”  The second sentence of my tweet is an opinion, protected by the First Amendment.

Nevertheless, according to the Twitter Rules, opposing Covid injection mandates for six-month-old babies is “potentially harmful misinformation.”  This, despite mounting evidence that healthy babies and children are not at risk for serious illness from Covid, while the adverse events from the vaccine are potentially devastating.   Indeed, the United Kingdom has recently decided not to recommend injections for most children – so why is it “potentially harmful misinformation” when I say that these injections should not be mandated?

Twitter says they will let me back on if I delete my tweet, but by doing so, I must “acknowledge [my] tweet violated the Twitter rules.”

Hell no.  I refuse to agree that my tweet constituted “harmful misinformation.”  I refuse to submit to their censorship. 

As soon as I was suspended, I appealed – to no avail.  I have heard nothing from Twitter in response.  I spoke with an attorney who said that Twitter appeals are rarely granted.  More often, they are simply ignored, effectuating a de-facto ban.

So, I am banned, and have lost access to the thousands of followers I have built up over the years.  I don’t know whether my ten years of tweets have been deleted from the platform.

In being banned by Twitter, I am in good company: for example, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Naomi Wolf, James O’Keefe – and most famously, Donald Trump, while he was a sitting President.

The big tech overlords can boot me off of their platforms, but they cannot intimidate or silence me. 

Something should be done about the way that Twitter and other tech giants are censoring free speech and destroying the marketplace of ideas.   They are creating social media information silos.  Our society is ever more divided into left- or right-leaning echo chambers, increasingly unable to communicate with one another. 

When Big Tech is trying to cancel me, I depend on you, my friends, to help me get my messages out.  Please follow me on the following platforms:

Truth Social, Gettr, Parler and Gab:  @RealReggieLittlejohn

MeWe:  reggielittlejohn

See you there!

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