Disabled Chinese Widow: When her husband died, she was all alone and desperate — until our fieldworker found her!

“Wenqiang” is heartbroken and can barely walk.  Our Save a Widow Campaign is giving her help and hope. 

“Wenqiang” is a sixty-five year old widow who lost her husband just months before our fieldworker found out about her desperate situation.  She lives in a small village, and her husband was a farmer.  She never went to school, and when she was five years old an illness made her unable to walk.

Life has been hard for Wenqiang.  Her mother-in-law does not respect her, because she cannot walk well, and because the mother-in-law thinks she is not pretty.  After she and her husband were married, the mother-in-law pushed them out of the house, so they had to live in a tiny hut they built on their crop-field.  Even though she can barely walk, she helped as much as she could in the fields and with chores. 

The only bright spot in Wenqiang’s life was her husband.  He loved and respected her, and never looked down on her because of her physical limitations.  Even though life was very difficult for them, they worked hard and stayed together. 

Wenqiang cried when she talked about her husband to our fieldworker.  Since his death, her heart has been broken.  He was all she had – emotionally and financially.

Wenqiang was all alone until our “Save a Widow” fieldworker found her.  With your help, we are giving Wenqiang both financial assistance and hope.  She said that she had no idea that there is a program in the world that would help a poor helpless widow like herself without asking anything in return.  Our help is inspiring her to believe in God.  There is a small church near Wenqiang’s village, and she said that because of our help, now she will go to church with her neighbors.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is helping precious widows like Wenqiang.  Our fieldworker visits her every month to let her know that we care for her, even if everyone else has abandoned her.  With our help, she knows she is loved.  With the $25 a month we give her, she has the funds to eat better and perhaps can heat her little room in the winter.  Won’t you help abandoned widows in China?

To watch our powerful “Save a Widow” video, click HERE. 

To learn more about the Save a Widow Campaign, click HERE.

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