Joint Letter Urging UNESCO to Revoke Peng Liyuan’s Title as Special Envoy for Girls and Women’s Education

Ms. Audrey Azoulay
Director-General, UNESCO
7 Pl. de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris, France

5 March 2022

Dear Ms. Azoulay,

On March 27, 2014, Ms. Peng Liyuan, wife of General Secretary Xi Jinping, was awarded the “Special Envoy for the Promotion of Girls and Women’s Education” by UNESCO.

Since the plight of a chained mother of eight came to light from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, on December 5, 2021, it has outraged the whole world. The Chinese government has so far issued five announcements on this case. However, Ms. Peng Liyuan, UNESCO Special Envoy for the Promotion of Girls and Women’s Education, has not said anything on the plight of this woman, who has been reportedly trafficked and abused and suffered for more than 20 years. (Read more: )

In fact, tens of thousands of women and children are believed to be trafficked and abused in China every year. Yet we have never heard Ms. Peng express any concern about such serious and vicious human rights violations against women and girls. She has failed to urge the Chinese government to comply with and implement the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as China’s various laws on the protection of the rights of women and children. She has made no effort in these areas. (Read more: )

We think that Ms. Peng Liyuan is no longer suitable to be the UNESCO special envoy for girls and women. If Ms. Peng is still appointed as the special envoy, it will seriously undermine the reputation of UNESCO, and Peng’s special envoy status will become a laughingstock of the world.

In view of this, as a group of people who deeply care about the rights and wellbeing of women and girls, we have launched a global open joint petition to ask UNESCO to strip Ms. Peng of the title of “special envoy for the promotion of girls and women’s education” and issue an announcement to inform the world.

Yours sincerely,

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, US

Jing Zhang, Founder of Women’s Rights in China, US

John Churchill, Founder of Democracy China Media, US

Copy to:

Ms. Sima Sami Bahous, Executive Director, UN Women

Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Ms. Reem Alsalem, Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences

UN Women in China



白流苏,中国人权捍卫者,新西兰 / Bai Liusu, Chinese human rights defender,  New Zealand

包ホウショウメイ,日本 / 包 ホウショウメイ, Japan

蔡 楚,《民主中国》主编 / Cai Chu, editor of

蔡 霞,中国问题学者,美国 / Cai Xia, China scholar, US

曹雅学,《改变中国》主编 / Yaxue Cao, editor of

曾良杰,中国 / Zeng Liangjie, Shenzhen, China

陈长空,中国 / Chen Changkong, China

陈闯创,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Chen Chuangchuang, Chinese human rights activist, US

陈光诚,中国问题学者,美国 / Chen Guangcheng, China scholar, US

陈桂秋(谢阳律师太太),美国 / Chen Guiqiu (wife of lawyer Xie Yang), US

陈剑雄,中国 / Chen Jianxiong, China

陈立群,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Chen Liqun, Chinese human rights defender, US

陈瑞华,中国 / Chen Ruihua, China

陈思明,中国 / Chen Siming, Chinese human rights defender

陈天石,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Chen Tianshi, Chinese human rights activist, US

陈小军,美国洛杉矶 / Chen Xiaojun, LA, US

陈昕舟,英国 / Chen Xinzhou, UK

陈一鸣,美国 / Chen Yiming, US

陈正雄,中国 / Chen Zhengxiong, China

崔铁峰,韩国 / Cui Tiefeng, South Korea

崔原斌,韩国 / Cui Yuanbin, South Korea

丁一多,美国 / Ding Yiduo, US

董广平,中国人权捍卫者 / Dong Guangping, Chinese human rights defender

杜红红,中国 / Du Honghong, Xi’an, China

方 位,中国 / Sharon Fang, China

房啸辉,加拿大 / Fang Xiaohui, Canada

冯崇义,中国问题学者,澳大利亚 / Feng Chongyi, China scholar, Australia

弗兰克,加拿大 / Frank, Canada

傅希秋,对华援助协会主席 / Bob Fu, Founder and President of ChinaAid

高 翔,中国 / Kurt Gao, Tianjin, China

高 志,荷兰 / Gao Zhi, Netherlands

葛莱砌,中国 / Ge Laiqi, China

耿冠军,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Geng Guanjun, US

耿和(高智晟律师太太),美国 / Geng He (wife of lawyer Gao Zhisheng), US

桂克德,中国 / Gui Kede, China

郭宝胜,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Guo Baosheng, Chinese human rights activist, US

郭 霞,澳洲 / Guo Xia, Australia

过 平,美国 / Guo Ping, US

哈 金,作家,美国 / Ha Jin, writer, US

何昌龙,中国 / He Changlong, China

胡不归,美国 / Hu Bugui, US

胡 攀,中国 / Hu Pan, China

黄俊杰,美国 / Huang Junjie, US

黄礼越,律师,美国德州 / Liyue Huang-Sigle, licensed attorney, Texas, US

黄 潜,中国 / Huang Qian, China

黄子茵,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Huang Ziyin, US

吉永蓝,日本 / 吉永 蓝, Japan

姜福祯,中国人权捍卫者,荷兰 / Jiang Fuzhen, Chinese human rights activist, Netherlands

姜维平,媒体人,加拿大 / Jiang Weiping, journalist, Canada

江朝阳,新西兰 / Jiang Zhaoyang, New Zealand

界立建,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Jie Lijiang, Chinese human rights defender, US

金变玲(江天勇律师太太),美国 / Jin Bianling (wife of lawyer Jiang Tianyong), US

葵阳先生,斐济 / Kuiyang, Fiji

雷志锋,美国 / Lei Zhifeng, US

李爱杰(张海涛太太),美国 / Li Aijie (wife of Zhang Haitao), US

李翠云,中国 / Li Cuiyun, China

李大彬,美国 / Li Dabin, US

李德诚,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Li Decheng, Chinese human rights defender, US

李 方,中国人权捍卫者,芬兰 / Li Fang, Chinese human rights defender, Finland

李 刚,美国 / Li Gang, US

李国君,中国 / Li Guojun, Tianjin, China

李国涛,美国 / Li Guotao, US

李焕君,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Li Huanjun, Chinese human rights activist, US

李嘉宝,日本 / Li Jiabao, Japan

李 隽,中国人权捍卫者,澳大利亚 / Li Juang, Chinese human rights defender, Australia

李君愚,美国 / Li Junyu, US

李梦秋,中国 / Li Mengqiu, China

李 强,中国 / Li Qiang, China

李庆斌,美国 / Li Qingbin, US

廖剑豪,香港人权捍卫者 / Liao Jianhao, human rights defender, Hong Kong

林 浩,加拿大 / Lin Hao, Canada

林生亮,中国人权捍卫者 / Lin Shengliang, Chinese human rights defender

林 燕,中国 / Lin Yan, China

刘 春,加拿大 / Liu Chun, Canada

刘飞龙,中国人权捍卫者,荷兰 / Liu Feilong, Netherlands

刘国良,美国洛杉矶 / Liu Guoliang, US

刘红鹰,加拿大 / Hongying Liu, Canada

刘珏帆(张宝成太太),美国 / Liu Juefan (wife of Zhang Baocheng), US

刘 炼,日本 / Liu Lian, Japan

刘沙沙,中国人权捍卫者 / Liu Shasha, Chinese human rights defender

刘士辉,律师后,美国 / Liu Shihui, former Chinese lawyer, US

刘 欣,美国洛杉矶 / Liu Xin, LA, US

刘信洋,中国 / Liu Xinyang, China

刘雅雅,视觉艺术家协会会长,美国 / Ann Lau, Chair at Visual Artists Guild, US

刘 洋,中国 / Liu Yang, China

刘贻牧师,华人基督徒公义团契,美国 / Rev Fr Liu Yi, Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, CA US

刘因明,美国洛杉矶 / Liu Yinming, US

刘永平,中国人权捍卫者 / Liu Yongping, Chinese human rights defender

刘玉琪,加拿大 / Liu Yuqi, Canada

卢小雅,中国 / Lu Xiaoya, China

陆 勇,泰国 / Lu Yong, Thailand

罗长虹,中国 / Luo Changhong, China

罗淳馨,中国 / Luo Chunxin, Liuzhou, China

罗明珠,美国 / Luo Mingzhu, US

罗胜春(丁家喜律师太太),美国 / Luo Shengchun (wife of lawyer Ding Jiaxi), US

罗 伟,荷兰 / Luo Wei, Netherlands

吕京花,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Lu Jinghua, Chinese human rights activist, US

吕睿超,澳大利亚 / Lu Ruichao, Australia

吕亚洲,英国 / Lu Yazhou, UK

马 聚,学者,美国 / Ma Ju, scholar, US

马 琳,新西兰 / Ma Lin, New Zealand

马启涛,中国 / Ma Qitao, China

马永涛,中国人权捍卫者,荷兰 / Ma Yongtao, Chinese human rights activist, Netherlands

孟 溦,中国 / Meng Wei, China

孟元新,美国 / Meng Yuanxin, US

莫莉茶,中国 / Mo Licha, China

倪学善,中国 / Ni Xueshan, China

欧阳京,澳大利亚 / Ouyang Jing, Australia

彭金元,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Peng Jinyuan, human rights defender, US

齐家贞,作家,澳大利亚 / Qi Jiazhen, writer, Australia

乔 斌,中国人权捍卫者,关岛 / Qiao Bin, Chinese human rights defender, Guam

乔思奇,德国 / Qiao Siqi, Germany

秦 杰,德国 / Qin Jie, Germany

青 宋,加拿大 / Qing Song, Canada

邱慈国,美国 / Peter Chiu, US

冉启发,新加坡 / 冉 启发, Singapore

盛 雪,中国人权捍卫者,加拿大 / Sheng Xue, Chinese human rights defender, Canada

苏立国,中国 / Su Liguo, Beijing, China

孙立勇,澳大利亚中国政治及宗教受难者后援会创办人 / Sun Liyong, founder of China Political and Religious Victims Association, Australia

滕 彪,法律学者,美国 / Teng Biao, legal scholar, US

田 震,中国 / Tian Zhen, China

王昌国,中国前警察,瑞士 / Wang Changguo, former Chinese policeman, Switzerland

王 妃,马来西亚 / Wang Fei, Malaysia

王红丁,中国 / Wang Hongding, Shaanxi, China

王剑虹,张展关注组,英国 / Jane Wang, Free Zhang Zhan, UK

王金龙,中国 / Wang Jinlong, China

王靖渝,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Wang Jingyu, Chinese human rights defender, US

王 俊,艺术家,荷兰 / Wang Jun, artist, Netherlands

王 露,中国 / Wang Lu, China

王清鹏,中国维权律师,美国 / Wang Qingpeng, Chinese human rights lawyer, US

王瑞琴,媒体人(原青海政协委员),美国 / Wang Ruiqin, founder of IPKMedia, US

王 霞,中国人权捍卫者 / Wang Xia, Chinese human rights activist

王晓春,加拿大 / Wang Xiaochun, Canada

王晓平,中国 / Wang Xiaoping, China

王应国,中国人权捍卫者 / Wang Yingguo, Chinese human rights defender

王宇翔,中国 / Norman Wong, China

王志华,中国 / Wang Zhihua, China

温玲华,中国 / Wen Linghua, Hubei, China

吴 明,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Wu Ming, US

吴绍平,中国维权律师,美国 / Wu Shaoping, Chinese human rights lawyer, US

吴元明,中国 / Wu Yuanming, China

武夤晟,美国 / Winston WU, US

鲜于桂娥,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Xian Gui’e, Chinese human rights defender, US

向 莉,中国人权捍卫者 / Xiang Li, Chinese human rights defender

邢 鉴,中国人权捍卫者,新西兰 / Xing Jian, Chinese human rights defender, New Zealand

徐 沛,中国人权捍卫者,德国 / Xu Pei, Chinese human rights defender, Germany

徐 武,中国 / Xu Wu, Wuhan, China

徐 跃,中国 / Xu Yue, Henan, China

殷 明,美国 / Yin Ming, US

颜伯钧,中国人权捍卫者,加拿大 / Yan Bojun, Chinese human rights activist, Canada

晏奇恩,美国 / Yan Qi’en, US

杨 崇,中国人权捍卫者,加拿大 / Chong Yang, Chinese human rights defender

杨倩怡(杨海之女),美国 / Yang Qianyi (daughter of Yang Hai), US

杨维芹,台湾 / Yang Weiqin, Taiwan

杨 晓,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Yang Xiao, US

杨轶峰,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Yang Yifeng, Chinese human rights defender, US

杨子立,学者,美国 / Yang Zili, Chinese human rights activist, US

姚建清,中国人权捍卫者,荷兰 / Yao Jianqing, Chinese human rights defender, Netherlands

姚影侠,中国 / Yao Yingxia, China

姚志勇,菲律宾 / Yao Zhiyong, Philippines

叶 青,中国 / Ye Qing, China

袁伟静,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Yuan Weijing, Chinese human rights defender, US

袁艳波,中国 / Yuan Yanbo, China

湛 江,美国 / Zhan Jiang, US

张 戈,澳大利亚 / Zhang Ge, Australia

张国鹏,中国 / Zhang Guopeng, Anhui, China

张 龙,美国 / Zhang Long, US

张 平,美国 / Zhang Ping, US

张 谦,中国 / Zhang Qian, China

张世清,中国 / Zhang Shiqing, China

张 同,中国 / Zhang Tong, China

张 毅,中国 / Zhang Yi, China

张 缨,美国 / Ying Zhang, US

张玉波,北京 / Zhang Yubo, Beijing, China

张跃民,中国 / Zhang Yuemin, China

赵常青,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Zhao Changqing, Chinese human rights activist, US

赵晓明,德国 / Ming Reinhäckel, Germany

赵 昕,中国人权捍卫者,美国 / Zhao Xin, Chinese human rights defender

赵中元,医生,加拿大 / Zhao Zhongyuan, doctor, Canada

郑 云,中国民主教育基金会理事 / Zheng Yun, Chinese Democratic Education Foundation, US

周翠华,美国洛杉矶 / Zhou Cuihua, US

周锋锁,人道中国主席 / Zhou Fengsuo, president of Humanitaraian China, US

周绍卿,中国 / Zhou Shaoqing, China

邹承峰,中国人权捍卫者 / Zou Chengfeng, Chinese human rights defender, US

佐藤欣,日本 / 佐藤 欣, Japan

Aaron Smith,美国 / Aaron Smith, US

Accwss Ken,丹麦 / Accwss Ken, Denmark

Aiden Chen,美国 / Aiden Chen, US

Alex Edward Hupp,美国 / Alex Edward Hupp, US

Alex Wong,美国 / Alex Wong, US

Alice Chen,美国 / Alice Chen, US

Allen Cheng,美国 / Allen Cheng, US

Allen Lee,香港 / Allen Lee, Hong Kong

Anja Reul,德国 / Anja Reul, Germany

Anna-Li Zayas Danielsson,瑞典 / Anna-Li Zayas Danielsson, Sweden

Anna Yan,中国 / Anna Yan, China

Annie Hu,新西兰 / Annie Hu, New Zealand

Ashley Shen,美国 / Ashley Shen, US

Baoping Wang,澳大利亚悉尼 / Baoping Wang, Sydney, Australia

Belinda Lee,美国 / Belinda Lee, US

Benny Liu,瑞典 / Benny Liu, Sweden

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Bob Lee,美国 / Bob Lee, US

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Ng Wai,香港 / Ng Wai, Hong Kong

Nicholas Reding,美国德州 / Nicholas Reding, Texas, US

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Steven Mu,瑞典 / Steven Mu, Sweden

Steve Xue,美国波士顿大学 / Steve Xue, University of Boston, US

Sui Yu,澳大利亚 / Sui Yu, Australia

Susan xie,美国 / Susan xie, US

SY Tee,美国 / SY Tee, US

Tammy King,美国 / Tammy King, US

Tan Huiling,英国 / Tan Huiling, UK

Tan Long,Norway / Tan Long, Norway

Terence Wong,香港 / Terence Wong, Hong Kong

Tian Hu,美国 / Tian Hu, US

Tiger Kang,加拿大 / Tiger Kang, Canada

Ting Luo,加拿大 / Ting Luo, Canada

Tom Richard,美国 / Tom Richard, US

Tracy Neel,美国 / Tracy Neel, US

Viviano Yang,加拿大 / Viviano Yang, Canada

Vivian Su,美国 / Vivian Su, US

Wai Man Wan,香港 / Wai Man Wan, Hong Kong

Wayne Li,加拿大 / Wayne Li, Canada

Wayne Wayne,美国 / Wayne Wayne, US

Weimin Zhang,澳大利亚 / Weimin Zhang, Australia

Wen Ding,美国 / Wen Ding, US

Winnie Du,澳大利亚 / Winnie Du, Australia

Xiaomin Chong,澳大利亚悉尼 / Xiaomin Chong, Sydney, Australia

Xiaoming Jiang,美国 / Xiaoming Jiang, US

Xilin Zhang,美国 / Xilin Zhang, US

Yan Chen,美国 / Yan Chen, US

Yang Yang,美国 / Yang Yang, US

Yeqing wan,美国 / Yeqing wan, US

Yin Li,香港 / Yin Li, Hong Kong

Yiqing Zhang,美国 / Yiqing Zhang, US

Youwei Sun,美国 / Youwei Sun, US

Yulin Wang,加拿大 / Yulin Wang, Canada

Yusu Hu,中国 / Yusu Hu, China

Yu tarou,日本 / Yu tarou, Japan

Yuxia Bi,美国 / Yuxia Bi, US

Zhang Ruth,新加坡 / Zhang Ruth, Singapore

Zhang Wei,中国 / Zhang Wei, China

Zhijuan Qiu,美国 / Zhijuan Qiu, US

Zhiliang Zhou,美国 / Zhiliang Zhou, US

Zhimei Zhu,美国 / Zhimei Zhu, US

Zhou Englund,瑞典 / Zhou Englund, Sweden

Zither Mu,香港 / Zither Mu, Hong Kong

Ziyu Xiao,美国 / Ziyu Xiao, US

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