Last Chance to “Save a Girl” in China This Year!

Here’s what gets me out of bed in the morning – knowing that there are babies in China who are alive today, who would have been aborted or abandoned it weren’t for help from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

Do you want to help save lives in China?  Here is your chance!  Join our “Save a Girl” Campaign!

Let me tell you about one of the babies WRWF has saved:

Baby Liu’s family already has a daughter.  They live in the countryside where you can have a second child if your first is a girl.  Most families want a boy for the second child and many have abortions if they find out they are carrying a second girl.  Baby Liu’s parents are very poor farmers.  When they found out that Baby Liu was a girl, they planned to abort her.  A WRWF Field Worker found out about Baby Liu and offered to help the family by giving them a monthly stipend for one year, to keep their daughter.  They decided not to abort, and Baby Liu was born in October!  When our Field Worker visited the family, the mother was all smiles about her beautiful new daughter.  She saved red eggs (a sign of good luck) for our Field Worker and thanked WRWF for saving her daughter’s life!

There are so many more babies we have saved through “Save a Girl.”  You too can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a life and death difference for one of the most vulnerable people on earth – a Chinese baby girl.

Here’s the link to our “Save a Girl” Campaign page.  Thanks so much for your generosity!

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