Reggie will present at the “Lockdown Nation” Conference, February 5

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Dear Friend,

I am honored to serve as a panelist at the upcoming, full-day virtual conference, “Lockdown Nation.”  This conference of world-class experts will discuss the catastrophic consequences of the globalist takeover, if the WHO and the United Nations get their way.  My topic will be, “The World Health Organization’s Gambit to Micromanage our Lives.”  If the Amendments to the International Health Regulations and the new Pandemic Treaty pass in their current proposed form, the WHO will have the power to order lockdowns, force vaccines and prevent doctors from prescribing the medications of their choice.  It will also create a biotech surveillance state.

Other topics include: China’s disproportionate influence on the World Health Organization, what life might be like in C40 Cities, the United Nations’ broken and corrupted moral compass, digital currencies as a threat to our freedom, and more!

Other presenters will include Margaret Byfield, Jeffrey Tucker, David Bell, Trevor Loudon, Ron Armstrong, and Karen Bracken – an all-star cast!


You’ve no doubt heard of Davos, where the World Economic Forum met last week, but have you heard of “Davos in the Desert” (the organization putting on this event)?  Here’s a quote from their “About Us” page: “Davos in the Desert is an anti-globalist movement dedicated to providing forums whereby business leaders, thought leaders and government servants share their ideas for safeguarding freedom and liberty.”   It’s the anti-globalist answer to the WEF.  


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