WATCH Reggie’s feature interview on Real America’s Voice with David Brody

Watch HERE.

Dear Friend,

I am grateful to David Brody on Real America’s Voice for this feature-length (20 minute!) interview of me describing the dangers of the digital vaccine passport/smart health card.  Any mandatory digital ID can give rise to a Chinese Communist Party-style Social Credit System and usher in mass surveillance and totalitarian control.  This is especially the case when it is combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency.  At the end, we also discuss our work saving baby girls in China.  My part of the interview starts at time stamp 4:30.

Watch HERE.

Since this interview, the CDC has recommended Covid-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months old.  David interviewed me about that separately.  I’ll send you the link to that in a few days.

Thank you for watching and for supporting our work!

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