WATCH – Reggie’s speech at CPAC! #ExitTheWHO

WATCH HERE (13 minutes)

It was an honor to speak at CPAC.  Here’s my talk: “Unrestricted Warfare — China and the WHO’s Globalist Coup.” The theme for this year’s CPAC was “Where Globalism Goes to Die.”  We in the anti-globalist movement are having an impact! We need to wake up more people to the fact that China is at war with us, seeking to impose the “China Model” of surveillance and control, mandates and lockdowns, on the U.S. and the world, through the World Health Organization.

We are living in a globalist coup, effectuated by an international elite determined to enslave humanity to its own advantage. The Chinese Communist Party is waging ‘unrestricted warfare’ against the United States and the world, in significant part, through the World Health Organization. The only solution is for the United States to defund and withdraw from the WHO.


Great Breakout Panel, entitled “World War Xi,” by Karen Siegemund at the American Freedom Alliance, in collaboration with the Sovereignty Coalition.  Follow her Karen at @ks90272 and the American Freedom Alliance at @AFAlliance on Twitter/X.  Other speakers include Gordon Chang, Brian Kennedy, Bill Walton, Frank Gaffney, Bradley Thayer, John Mills, and Steve Coughlin.  Watch the entire panel here.

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