We have been awarded the “2022 Top Rated Non-Profit Seal” by Great Non-Profits!

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I have some exciting news – Great Non-Profits has awarded Women’s Rights Without Frontiers its “2022 Top Rated Non-Profit” Seal!  Check out our profile page.

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Please be sure to scroll down and read our testimonials.  Here are a few:

  • “This is a one-of-a-kind organization that focuses on saving girls in China. During the one-child policy decades, millions of girls were abandoned by their parents to give the government quota to preferable boys. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers educated the world about these inhumane and brutal practices. Its founder even adopted two girls from a persecuted family. Overall, the organization, with very limited funding, has made a significant contribution to humanity.” S.G.
  • “I have followed the successful work of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, International for many years. I greatly admire the integrity and accomplishments of Reggie Littlejohn as she leads this nonprofit. She has exposed the injustice to women in China concerning forced abortion and human trafficking in Asia. This nonprofit has directly helped women and children. Reggie Littlejohn speaks to governments throughout the world to gain their support to make changes to improve human rights for women. I support this nonprofit financially and look forward to the many accomplishments in the future.”  B.K.
  • “Reggie Littlejohn seemed to be the sole voice alerting the world to forced abortion of baby girls in China. She has since presented evidence to Congress, Parliament, numerous media outlets and prestigious law schools. I TRUST Reggie to oversee all funds and projects as she serves the most vulnerable – from the child in the womb to the poor widows who are being abandoned and caused to feel guilty for their financial drain on their families. This organization is compassionate and effective. They are saving lives and changing hearts. Even small amounts of money help the widows and can keep a family from being vulnerable to government intrusion.” J.G.
  • “I have been and continue to be a strong supporter of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. It is an honorable, longstanding, nonprofit that represents those in the world that are suffering under governments that force abortion, as well as other atrocities committed against women. They take action to defend the rights of oppressed women and children and work relentlessly to achieve these goals.”  W.S.
  • “Reggie’s story, is a compelling tale of how a long suffering, debilitating illness lead her on an unexpected journey which culminated in a spiritual reawakening , together with a profound sense of mission to start a unique organization that would give witness and aid to the horrific plight of girl babies and their mothers under the then, one child policy in China.” D.B.
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