Betty was 84 years old when we began to offer her support. Her husband had died in 1995 from diabetes. During his lifetime, they were blessed with fifteen children. Three of them passed away. The remaining twelve are all adults. She lived with three grandchildren who would take care of her. Betty became totally blind a few years ago because of a cataract in one of her eyes. When she sought for medical help, she was advised to have the eye operated to remove the cataract. Unfortunately, after the operation, the first eye lost sight and after a few months the second eye also lost sight. Efforts to help her condition failed. Betty was also diabetic, hypertensive, and suffered from severe pain in her lower limbs and knees. Because of these difficulties, and because of her advanced age, she was not able to engage in any work.

She expressed joy when she had heard there were generous people willing to offer her support in her need. In June 2021 she sadly passed away. We are grateful to have been able to provide her support during the last, challenging months of her life.

May Christine rest in peace.


Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is committed to helping Ugandan women widows, to ease their suffering and give them dignity and new hope in the twilight season of their lives.

Please help us help these women!

With gratitude for your generosity,
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