Christine is 63 years old. Her late husband died of a motor accident 15 years ago. He used to operate motorcycle transportation. During the course of their marriage, they were blessed with three children. Christine used to sell food in a local market. Her health deteriorated when she was diagnosed with hypertension soon after her husband passed away. Her late husband used to play a big role in her business by transporting food to the market from the village where it was bought. Currently, Christine can hardly engage in any activity due to her poor health condition. Along with her hypertension, she also suffers from poor eyesight and pain in her back and lower limbs. She lives alone and sometimes her daughter, who is married, checks in on her. She is grateful to learn that there are some good people willing to help her and give her support for which she has not worked. “May the good Lord continue to bless these people,” she said.


Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is committed to helping Ugandan women widows, to ease their suffering and give them dignity and new hope in the twilight season of their lives.

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