Esther was ninety-eight years old when we began supporting her in June, 2019. Her husband had passed away many years ago. During their marriage, she bore seven children. Sadly, five of them passed away. Two of her daughters are still living, but they lived very far away from her and were not able to visit her much. Esther was taken care of by well-wishers. On one occasion, she fell and broke her right leg. Because of this, she could not walk and would have to crawl to the veranda to enjoy the sun. She also suffered from poor sight, body pain, and headaches.

Despite all of these challenges, Esther still praised God, who had seen her through and kept her alive for so long. She got excited when she heard there were some generous people willing to offer her support in her need. Esther passed away on October 11, 2020. We are so honored to have been able to give Esther the help she needed to ease some of the challenges during the last 16 months of her life.

May Christine rest in peace.


Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is committed to helping Ugandan women widows, to ease their suffering and give them dignity and new hope in the twilight season of their lives.

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With gratitude for your generosity,
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