Regina was sixty-three years old when we began to support her. Her husband was a soldier and died during the Uganda-Tanzania war in 1978. During his lifetime, they were blessed with three sons, but one of them had died. While she was still able to work, Regina had made her living as a taylor. When our fieldworkers connected with her, Regina lived in the outskirts of the city in extreme poverty and squalor. Her life was very difficult. The area surrounding her rental house had drainage channels, which flooded during rainy seasons. Some years ago she had developed a growth in her spinal chord that had steadily kept growing. She suffered from a lot of pain in her back and had no means for medical care.

However, she was happy to learn that there were some generous people willing to offer her support in her need. Regina passed away on March 8, 2021. We are grateful to have been able to support Regina and bring hope and help during the last years of her life.

May Christine rest in peace.


Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is committed to helping Ugandan women widows, to ease their suffering and give them dignity and new hope in the twilight season of their lives.

Please help us help these women!

With gratitude for your generosity,
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