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Chinese father of four commits suicide over one-child policy fines so his children can go to school
View original article on By Thaddeus Baklinski ( – A farmer and father of four in southwest China’s Guizhou province killed himself after family planning officials fined him the equivalent of almost 3,500 USD when he tried to … Continue reading

CBN Features Reggie Littlejohn’s Congressional Testimony: The Chilling Reason for China’s One Child Policy
This year marks the 35th anniversary of China’s One Child Policy.  WRWF President Reggie Littlejohn was among those who testified before the Congressional Executive Commission on China in connection with this somber anniversary.  The Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) featured Littlejohn’s … Continue reading

Chinese schoolteacher, 5 months pregnant, ordered to abort; then permitted to give birth
Under the One-Child Policy, a Chinese schoolteacher, five months pregnant, was ordered to abort by the end of May or lose her job.  This order has just been reversed, following domestic and international media attention.  Qin Yi (sometimes translated Tan … Continue reading

Chinese Mom Has Abortion Because Her Only Child Threatened Suicide if She Had Another Baby
By Sarah Zagorski Partially republished with permission from Link to full article at the end. The Shanghi List has reported that a 44-year-old pregnant woman has aborted her baby because her 13-year-old threatened to commit suicide. Last year, Xiao … Continue reading

The Reasons the Chinese Government Will Not Relinquish Coercive Population Control Under the One Child Policy
Testimony of Reggie Littlejohn, President Women’s Rights Without Frontiers April 30, 2015 Congressional Executive Commission on China   Honorable members of the Commission, Representative Chris Smith, Senator Marco Rubio, distinguished fellow panelists, ladies and gentlemen, I am grateful for this … Continue reading

What is happening to women and girls in China?

China’s population control program, called the “One Child Policy,” is enforced through coercive measures including forced abortion and forced sterilization.

Since the majority of those aborted are female, the One Child Policy has created gender imbalance that is a powerful, driving force behind sexual slavery in Asia. 

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Activists Agree: Forced Abortion Is Not a Choice.

On April 22, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned forced abortion and forced sterilization in China. During a Congressional Hearing before  the House Foreign Affairs Committee, she stated that these practices are "absolutely unacceptable" and "an egregious interference with women's rights."

Women should not be treated this way. This is not a political issue. Women’s rights are human rights. 

Learn more about this issue. In addition to sexual slavery, China’s One Child Policy also gives rise to a host of other human rights abuses, such as “gendercide,” female suicide, stolen, “illegal” and “forsaken” children, rioting and violence, ruined health because of botched forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations, an aging population, and oppression of the Tibetan and Uyghur peoples.


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