Chinese baby Jia Lan’s mom was so desperate she considered suicide. We gave her hope!

“Jia Lan’s” mom was so desperate she considered suicide.  Our Save-a-Girl campaign gave her hope!

Jia Lan was three and a half months old when our Save-a-Girl fieldworker came to her mother’s door.  She is a second daughter, and she is lucky to be alive. 

Jia Lan’s mother was widowed two years ago.  Her husband died of a sudden heart attack.  She had been living with her husband and his parents.  Her mother-in-law asked her to leave her home one month after her husband died.  She and her nine-year-old daughter had no place to live.

The thirty-two-year-old widow was looked down upon by the people of her rural village.  In the traditional way of thinking among farmers, when a husband died from a sudden illness, it was because his wife had brought him bad luck.  Men would rather marry a divorced woman than a widow, fearing that the widow would bring bad luck into their home.

When our fieldworker visited her, Jia Lan’s mom couldn’t help crying when she talked about how painful her life was at that time.  She admitted to our fieldworker that she considered suicide several times.  Looking at her nine-year-old daughter, she couldn’t bear to leave her alone in the world, so she gritted her teeth and insisted on living.  

Jia Lan’s mom had been introduced to a man in the next village who was once arrested for a fight.  Because of this arrest, the man was considered “not qualified” to choose a wife.  Feeling she had no choice, Jia Lan’s mom agreed to marry this man, who became Jia Lan’s father.  Therefore, Jia Lan is the first daughter of this father and the second daughter of her mother.

Jia Lan’s mom told our fieldworker that she did not want to have a second child because the family had no extra money to support a second child.  Also, Jia Lan’s mom worried that her new husband would care less for the first daughter when he had his own child.

To make matters worse, because of the lockdown of the cities, most of the vegetables in the greenhouses rotted in the ground last winter.  The family was already under severe financial strain.  It was a difficult time for a baby to come!  

Under the relentless pressure of rural life, Jia Lan’s mother was unable to nurse her new daughter, and the expense of baby formula was more than they could afford.  No one offered to help them.  Instead, many people looked down on them.  Their situation was dire. 

When our fieldworker came to their door, offering encouragement and practical help with $25 per month for a year, Jia Lan’s mom showed a rare smile.  Jia Lan’s mom said that the bad time has passed, and God has sent an angel to them as a sign of the beginning of good luck.  She couldn’t remember how long it had been since she was so happy.  God came to bless her family through the generosity of strangers, and suddenly her life is full of hope!

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For $25 per month, or $300 per year, our GirlSavers have helped WRWF save at-risk babies in China!  These babies may not be alive, or they may have been “given away,” or not had enough to eat, if our undercover fieldworker had not found them and extended a helping hand to their mothers. We put our money where our mouth is, offering practical assistance to empower these mothers to keep their daughters. 

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