Chinese baby Qinyang is an “illegal” child. Her mom prayed and our fieldworker appeared at her door!

 “Qinyang” is an “illegal” child. When our Save-a-Girl fieldworker came to their door, Qinyang’s mom knew it was an answer to prayer.

In China this beautiful baby girl—Qinyang– is “illegal.”  She is “illegal” because, even though her parents consider themselves to be married,  they did not have an official marriage certificate when she was born.  Therefore, Qinyang does not have “Hukou,” or legal registration, in the Communist system.  Without Hukou, Qinyang is not eligible for the most basic of benefits, such as education, employment, travel, or government services.  Without Hukou, Qinyang’s life will be very difficult, at best.

The reason Qinyang’s parents aren’t married is that the parents of Qinyang’s mom oppose the marriage.  Qinyang’s dad is from a poor family, so her grandparents on her mother’s side refuse to accept him.  Qinyang’s grandfather (her mother’s father) even said that he could have found a better husband with his eyes closed!  And yet, Qinyang’s dad treats her mom very well and she loves him.

Unfortunately, Qinyang’s mom began to be influenced by the strong, negative opinions of her parents.  She began to regret her decision to marry Qinyang’s dad (unofficially) and have a child, because they are so poor, and a poor family has so much hardship in the Chinese countryside. 

Qinyang’s mom did not know if God exists, but in her anguish, she prayed: “God, if you really exist, please show me.“  That is when our Save-a-Girl fieldworker came to their door!!  Our fieldworker offered $25 a month for a year to help the new family get started and relieve some of their poverty. 

Qinyang’s mom knew that this was an answer to her prayer.  Now she knows that God did bless her and has not forgotten about her and her little daughter.  Mom wants to share her testimony in her fellowship group – although no one can share anything related to Americans at church!  This prohibition is no doubt because the Chinese Communist Party is trying to encourage ill will against the United States.

So, our Save-a-Girl campaign gave Qinyang’s mom much needed support in her poverty, confirmed her decision to have her daughter, answered her desperate prayer, and is countering the anti-American propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party, all at once!

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