Chinese Woman Commits Suicide in Family Planning Office [WARNING – GRAPHIC PHOTO]

What follows is the translation of a news story originally published in Chinese.  The links to the original sources are below.

At noon on March 13th, 2013, a woman surnamed Yang was found dead, hanging inside the local Family planning office in Beizhanglou Village, Taikang County, Henan Province.  According to family members, her body was covered with scars, indicating she may have been beaten before death.

Yang Yuzhi, 42 years old, was sterilized in 1995, but the first operation failed.  She was then dragged and forced to undergo a second surgery by local Family Planning Commission.

Since this operation, Yang has suffered chronic pain.  She has needed regular doses of medication over the next years, imposing a financial burden.

Yang thought all the pain was caused by the surgeries, so she frequently petitioned the Family Planning Commission, but to no avail.

As usual, around 12 noon on March 13, 2013, Yang went to Taikang County Family Planning Commission again.

Zhao Zhang, Yang’s son said: “At about 12:57, my father gave her a call and that was normal, but then someone from the Family Planning Commission told us, when an officer was discussing the case with the village mayor, a [Family Planning] staff member found her body hanging at the top of the stairs.

“About 2:00, they secretly used a 120 ambulance and moved her body to the morgue room of the County Hospital, but didn’t notify us.”

Yang’s family was not informed of the situation until after 5:00 p.m.

When they arrived on scene, they found that she has died at noon inside the family planning office. They found Yang’s body covered with scars, beaten black and blue.  There is a deep wound around her neck and her entire neck was almost strangled. She had left home with several thousand yuan, but the money could not be found.

Yang leaves behind four children and her elderly, sick parents.

According to her family, she was emotionally normal before she went to the Family Planning Office. There was nothing unusual.  They did not expect that she would never return.

How did Yang get the wire rope, where did she commit suicide, where is the money [she was carrying], and why didn’t the Family Planning Commission inform the family right away? The local officials did not give any explanation to the family.

At 3:00 p.m. on March 18th, the door of the Family Planning Commission was closed.  The whole building was empty.

The original Chinese sources of this story can be found here:

Dahe Health Net

NetEase Forum:

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