Help us save baby girls in China, like Shu Ting!

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Thank you for your generous support of our efforts to stop forced abortion and gendercide in China!

Shu Ting as an infant

Shu Ting as an infant

A huge highlight of 2016 is that our network in China has grown tremendously and because of your support, we have now saved hundreds of baby girls from sex-selective abortion or abandonment!Girls like “Shu Ting,” whose mother courageously resisted the pressure of both government forced abortion and gendercide.

Shu Ting’s mother did not have a birth permit, so her pregnancy was illegal.  Her mother hid from the family planning police.  If she were caught, she would have to pay a huge fine or face forced abortion.

Even after Shu Ting was born, her mother still faced pressure to give away her baby girl. Shu Ting’s family is a poor farming family, and her mother did not know how she could feed her.

When Women’s Rights Without Frontiers learned about Shu Ting, our undercover fieldworker went to her mother with a strong message of hope.  We told her that girls are just as precious as boys, and encouraged Shu Ting’s mother not to abort her or give her away.  Through our “Save a Girl” campaign, we offered her monthly stipends for a year, to empower her to give life to Shu Ting and care for her.

After Shu Ting was born, her mother realized how intensely she loved her daughter and could not imagine giving her away.  Shu Ting is now a healthy and happy toddler.

It is an honor to support brave women like Shu Ting’s mother, who was able to resist the Family Planning Police.  Women like this deserve our help, and so do their precious daughters.  Every baby girl in China deserves to be saved, like Shu Ting!  Please help us continue to be a voice for the voiceless!

Shu Ting One Year Later

Shu Ting One Year Later

In addition to saving lives in China, we’ve had a world-wide impact, leading an international movement to end coercive population control in China.  Highlights this year included an interview on ABC News and being a Keynote Speaker at a conference at my alma mater, Yale.  We have worked hard to earn the credibility that these opportunities demonstrate.

If you have not done so yet this year, won’t you please donate today, to help us continue and expand our life-saving work in China, as well as our effective advocacy campaign giving voice to the voiceless?

Thank you, on behalf of the women and babies of China.


Reggie Littlejohn, President

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers


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