House Votes to Defund the WHO, Require Senate Approval on Pandemic Treaty!

Leading Members of the House Appropriations Committee Mario Diaz-Balart and John Moolinaar thank the Sovereignty Coalition for educating Congress on the dangers of the WHO power grab.  We thank them for their leadership!

Watch the video HERE. (1 min)

Dear Friend,

Our voices have been heard.

The United States House of Representatives has voted to defund the World Health Organization.  The House also voted to require that any agreement drafted by the World Health Assembly or any other United Nations body will not be funded until it has been obtained the required advice and consent of the Senate.  These are huge victories!

Check out the language on pages 249-250 of H.R. 4665.

HR 4665, pages 249-250

The House approved H.R. 4665 on September 28, 2023, by a vote of 216-212. The word has not gotten out through the mainstream media, which is why I am bringing this to you now.

Challenges remain ahead.  These measures still require approval by the Senate and must be signed into law by the President.  With your help, we have overcome every hurdle in this fight thus far and are light years ahead of where we dreamed we would be at this moment . . . So, we are pausing to say:

Thank you to everyone who took action by emailing or

calling your Representatives;

Thank you to Members of the Sovereignty Coalition,

for springing into action at this critical moment;

Thank you to brave members of Congress for

spearheading this bold move;

Thank you to the generous donors supporting this work; and especially

Thank you to God for answering our prayers!


As you may know, I co-founded the Sovereignty Coalition to stop Chinese-style totalitarianism from spreading to the United States and worldwide, in large part through the pernicious agreements currently being negotiated at the World Health Organization and the United Nations.  The Sovereignty Coalition has grown to more than 50 organizations, 250 doctors and other influencers, and tens of thousands who have signed the Sovereignty Declaration or who have taken action on one of our campaigns.


With your help, the Sovereignty Coalition has met with astonishing success in our efforts to raise the visibility of this issue within the United States.  When we launched the Sovereignty Coalition, getting the U.S. Congress to agree to defund and withdraw from the WHO seemed to be an impossible dream.  Then, we launched a campaign to educate Congress on this issue.  Through our efforts, 320,000 actions were taken to raise the visibility of this issue in Congress.  The result is that, with the help of Rep. Ralph Norman, a Congressional press conference was held on May 17 at which 18 members of Congress, including Rep. Chris Smith and Rep. Andy Biggs, all demanded that the U.S. withdraw from the WHO!  I don’t think this would have happened without your help.

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Reggie speaks at the Congressional Press Conference on May 17, 2023. 

Watch Reggie’s 1 minute speech HERE. 

Watch the entire Congressional Press Conference and see the full list of speakers HERE.

The impact of our advocacy did not end with the Congressional Press Conference.  Members who spoke at that Press Conference went on to sponsor a bill to defund the WHO, which passed through their subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. 

Again, the Sovereignty Coalition sprang into action.  We worked hard over the July 4 weekend to find and input the contact information for all 60 members of the House Appropriations Committee and to design and publicize the campaign.  We put out an urgent call to action, asking our advocates (that’s you!)  to email and call your representatives to inform them that the only way to save our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom is by defunding the WHO.  The results were spectacular.  Advocates sent hundreds of thousands of emails to the House Appropriations Committee! The morning the Appropriations Committee was to vote on funding for the WHO, each member of that Committee received thousands of emails and countless phone calls informing them of the urgent need to defund the WHO.

The House Appropriations Committee voted to defund the WHO!  And two Members – Mario Diaz-Balart and John Moolinaar — sent the Sovereignty Coalition a video, thanking us for all we had done to make this possible.  We thank them for their leadership as well!  Please watch the 1-minute video HERE.

This was another major victory.  It seems like a miracle to us.  It is an example of democracy at work!  We The People were heard by our representatives!

But another hurdle remained:  The bill to defund the WHO had to be passed by the House as a whole.  We launched another campaign.  Our advocates (that’s you!) sent tens of thousands of emails to Congress asking them to #DefundTheWHO.  The impossible became a reality.  The House passed H.R. 4665, which contains provisions to defund the WHO and to require Senate approval before funding any instrument passed by the WHO or any other United Nations body.

Our work is not yet done.  We still need to educate the Senate and the President of the urgent reasons to defund and exit the WHO – so we will be coming back to you to ask you to take action again.  But it is important to celebrate important milestones along the way.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is being used by the Chinese Communist Party, globalists, and their enablers in the Biden administration to end our sovereignty. Their stated goal is to promote “global governance” – by which they mean not the sort of representative, accountable government guaranteed by our Constitution. Rather, they seek to have the world run by elites through vehicles like the W.H.O., empowered to use health security as a pretext for anti-constitutional, totalitarian surveillance and control of Americans.

The only way to prevent such an assault on our freedoms is to withdraw the United States from the W.H.O. The first step is to stop the American taxpayers’ underwriting of that organization.

We are doing everything we can to protect our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom.  Will you support us in this battle?


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