International Women’s Day a Travesty for Chinese Women and Baby Girls

International Women’s Day will not be celebrated by hundreds of millions of Chinese women who live under the iron fist of the One Child Policy, many of whom have been victims of forced abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy, as well as forced sterilization. They have had a fundamental right stripped away: the right to bear children. 

WRWF President Reggie Littlejohn stated, “I find it impossible to celebrate any advancement of women’s rights anywhere on earth, when one out of five women in the world is subject to a regime that will strap them down to tables, thrust its hands into their wombs and rip their little ones out, as these women scream and plead for the lives of babies they desperately want. The women’s movement can claim no real victory so long as this scourge against women continues to blight the face of the earth. Chinese women cannot stand up against forced abortion without risking detention, for themselves and for their families. It is time for all women to rise up for our sisters in China and be a voice for the voiceless.” 

Watch a 4-minute video, “Stop Forced Abortion.”

Moreover, an estimated 200 million women will not be celebrating International Women’s Day today, because they are not alive. They were selectively aborted just because they were girls – victims of “gendercide.” Son preference runs amok in both China and India; both countries suffer from a vast gender imbalance, which in turn is driving human trafficking and sexual slavery.

Littlejohn continued, “The message of sex-selective abortion is that girls and women do not deserve to live. The selective elimination of 200 million women demands the passionate outrage of the women’s movement. Indeed, eliminating the coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy – and the elimination of son preference and sex-selective abortion — should be the number one priority of the international women’s movement.”

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has launched a “Save a Girl” Campaign in China, which rescues baby girls from gendercide. Learn more about how you can help here: 

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