Our “Save a Girl” campaign is helping “Peizhi” and her impoverished family survive.

Peizhi is six months old, born into a poor farming family in rural China.  She is the second daughter in her family. Neighbors laugh at them because they have no son, bringing shame on the family.  But they love little Peizhi anyway. 

Life is difficult for Peizhi and her family.  Her mother seriously injured her leg two years ago, and never fully recovered.  Now she is unable to do any fieldwork.  She cooks and cleans for the family, and watches out for Peizhi’s grandfather.    Peizhi’s grandfather lives with them, but he has dementia and needs someone to watch him all the time or he will wander away from home and not be able to find his way back.  Peizhi’s father supports everybody, and this role is very stressful on him. As a poor farmer, he simply cannot provide for two disabled family members and two daughters, without the help of his wife in the field.  According to Peizhi’s mother, her husband suddenly looks like an old man. She has been worried about finances and about the strain on her husband.

It was a great relief to Peizhi’s parents when our “Save a Girl” fieldworker visited them to offer support for a year.  Peizhi’s mother said she believes Peizhi must “have an angel blessing her,” because the whole family has received good luck because of this beautiful little girl.

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