Reggie Co-Leads Initiative to Stop the Genocide Games in Beijing

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108 Leaders and Luminaries Sign Open Letter to the U.S. Olympics Committee: Stop the ‘Genocide Games’ in Beijing

Invite the Public to Sign a Petition Asking the USOC to Respond to China’s Myriad – and Worsening – Crimes Against Humanity; Hold ‘Freedom Olympics,’ Instead  

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF) and the Committee on the Present Danger: China(CPDC) have released an open letter urging the United States Olympics Committee to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China. Failing that, the signatories declared that they would mobilize with others to boycott what amounts to “Genocide Games.” 

Reggie Littlejohn commented, “It has been officially determined by the United States Department of State and other governmental bodies that the Chinese Communist Party committing genocide against religious and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang / East Turkistan.  It is a travesty that they are being honored as the hosts of the 2022 winter Olympic games.  Under no circumstances should the finest athletes on earth be forced to compete on the soil of one of the most murderous regimes in human history.  We hope to work with the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee to identify an appropriate venue for the ‘Freedom Olympics’ alternative to the ‘Genocide Games’ in Beijing.” 

Signing for the sponsoring NGOs were Reggie Littlejohn, the founder and President of WRWF, and CPDC Chairman Brian Kennedy.  Among the 108 other signatories who joined them are many courageous Chinese freedom-fighters and human rights activists as well as luminaries from a broad range of disciplines. 

The Open Letter begins with a powerful reminder: Adolf Hitler shamelessly exploited his role as host of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to legitimate his regime, consolidate power and prepare to mount the Holocaust and launch World War Two.  

Today, we are witnessing another totalitarian regime determined to use the 2022 Beijing Olympics to advance its quest for absolute control at home and global domination abroad. This prospect has become all the more abhorrent in the wake of the U.S. State Department declaring that the Chinese Communists are engaged in an ongoing genocide against millions of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang Province.  

The letter makes clear that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is perpetrating a host of other, egregious crimes against humanity, including: religious persecution, forced abortion and sterilization, involuntary organ harvesting, forced labor, mass surveillance, detention of dissidents, unrivalled environmental predation, and the deliberate unleashing of the coronavirus pandemic on the world.  Given that the deadline for the response from the USOC was today, the signatories will be pressing for a boycott.   

Others determined to join this fight against tyranny and for the Freedom Olympics are invited to learn more and sign a petition at

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