Stop Forced Abortion in China — 4 Minute Video

Watch this short video to learn the truth about “family planning” in China.  Then share this video with your friends and take action.  The world must know!

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26 Responses to Stop Forced Abortion in China — 4 Minute Video

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  3. robertpfbrito says:

    This is a total violation of human rights. One more reason we should not shop at walmart.

  4. samuel welsh says:

    stop this cruelity in china

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  6. Mary Frances Musk says:

    I do not understand how women can continue to accept practices like these and the policies of Planned Parenthood her in the U.S. and consider it “women’s rights.” How have they been so deeply deceived?

  7. James Miller says:

    I have been to China and have met mothers who were forced to do this. One family begged me to take their child back to America!

    • Diana says:

      This is so heartbreaking. I wish I could go and save all the babies.

      • Paula says:

        I Completely agree with you! This is so cruelty! they must SEE and STOP forcing women to such terrible situation! We should help them by praying for women and families in China

  8. Elizabeth Perrone says:

    The horror of chinas policy on the unborn will become policy in the western world if we don’t take a stand. It is the natural progression ofj society when value of life is lowered to the state of cost and productivity.

  9. Richard says:

    These are real murderers

  10. deanne badall says:

    God forgive us we dont know what we do to these innocent lives. This needs to stop

  11. Jasmilla says:

    I am really shocked at this violence….can human beings do that? Killing their own race ? This is so gross. If they want to have forced abortion, so why in the first place they should allow sexual slavery? This is inhuman….they treat the women as objects ? These part of the world has to grow up.

  12. LC says:

    I think it is disgusting what they do/did to those women, especially laying the deceased fetus by that young woman, those people forcing them to abort should riot in prison, with no recreation of any kind..

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  14. Leslie Hanks says:

    Every abortion is a gross violation of the God given, inalienable right to life as described in America’s birth certificate, The Declaration of Independence.

    Abortion is always wrong!

    Personhood Now!!

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  17. Maria Sosa says:

    Congratulations for our actions against forced abortion.

  18. prem kunmar sunuwar says:

    Lord please stop this cruelty and open their eyes and give justice.

  19. n d says:

    its so sad,God will make them pay,we must pray for those people.

  20. n d says:

    so sad ,the lord will make them pay, we must pray for those people.

  21. Michele Ayala says:

    Bravo to the brave and determined people trying to stop the insanity in China. I have to admit though, I did wince when she used the term “choice”…as if abortion is somehow “better” or more “just” when the mother “chooses” to mutilate her child unto death…I really hate the word “choice” when referring to abortion.
    “I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.” ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980 … where is the child’s “choice”???

  22. Caroline S says:

    Good work. This has been happening for years there. They even keep track of menstual cycles as one young lady told me. it is pure evil. You cannot play God dear STATE.!!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      This is another example of the brutality of this evil communist goverment,please consider that the next time you are buying something made in China.

  23. Reggie Littlejohn says:

    Hi Brandee –
    Show your teacher this video, along with the Congressional Testimony here. Women are forced to abort, and they were back in 2001 as well. They don’t tell foreigners about it. They could get in trouble. Thanks for the email. Reggie