This Blind, Abandoned Chinese Widow Has Hope With Your Help

Our “Save a Widow” Campaign is giving Genji hope and help

“Genji” is an eighty year old widow, and virtually blind.  She has lost her husband and her son, both to prostate cancer.  Today, she is in pain and entirely alone.

Genji’s husband passed away fifteen years ago from prostate cancer. She remembers how her husband used to wake up often in the night to use the bathroom.  She asked her husband to go see the doctor, but he comforted her saying said his incontinence was just because he was an old man.  She knew the real reason he did not want to see the doctor is that they did have not enough money. When he finally went to see the doctor, he was in the terminal stages of cancer. She couldn’t hold her grief inside and cried loudly during the funeral. She said her husband worked so hard every day of his life.  He didn’t even have one day to enjoy a happy life since they were always suffering financially. 

Genji had one son.  Even though her daughter-in-law didn’t get along with Genji, her son would sometimes give her a little food and pocket money secretly. She couldn’t believe that her son died with prostate cancer six years ago, just like his father. 

Because of cataracts, Genjui has almost lost her vision.  She also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. 

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is helping Genji.  Our fieldworker visits her every month to let her know that we care for her, even if everyone else has abandoned her.  With our help, she knows she is loved.  With the $25 a month we give her, she has the funds to eat better and heat her little room in the winter.  

Won’t you help abandoned widows in China?

Watch our new “Save a Widow” video.

To learn more about the Save a Widow Campaign, click here.

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