Today is International Widows Day – Save a Widow in China!

“Chunhua” felt no one in the world cared about her–until our fieldworker found her.

Dear Friend,

Chunhua is a seventy-two year old widow.  Her husband passed away recently from cancer of the esophagus.  By the time he went to the hospital, the doctors said it was too late to help him. Little did she know that he had only three weeks left to live.

When her husband died, Chunhua felt there was no one left in the world who cared about her.  She has a son, but he doesn’t visit.  Chunhua says she is so poor she has nothing to give to her son, so her daughter-in-law keeps her son away.  The daughter-in-law actually threatened divorce if the son kept a relationship with his mother!

Our fieldworker visited Chunhua to offer financial support and prayer.  Chunhua says that when our fieldworker prayed for her, she felt better right away.  She says she is so grateful, because even though she has lost her husband, there are still people on earth who love her and care about her. 

Senior suicide is skyrocketing in China, including among widows in the countryside.  We are the only organization in the world with a network inside China that is saving widows and baby girls.  Our fieldworker comes to their door and offers them kindness, prayer and financial help:  $25 a month.  These funds are most often used for food and can make the difference between hopelessness and hope for these widows.

To learn more about our Save a Widow Campaign and how you can help, click HERE.

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