WATCH! Reggie’s Interview on Epoch Times/American Thought Leaders

When we say, “never again,” do we mean never again unless it’s China? Or never again unless it actually costs us something?

Screenshot of Reggie on American Thought Leaders, July 22, 2021

Dear Friend,

I have admired the Epoch Times program, “American Thought Leaders” for years and am thrilled to be a featured guest on it.  Topics range from why China’s Genocide Games should be stopped to how my work with Mother Teresa in Calcutta inspired our work saving girls in China.  This may be the most compelling interview I’ve ever given.   Please watch it HERE.

Screenshot of Reggie and Jan Jekielek on American Thought Leaders, July 22, 2021

Watch the interview HERE.

Also, please help us get the message out by liking and sharing the video.  You can follow the host, Jan Jekielek, on Twitter at @JanJekielek.  Follow me on twitter @reggielittlejhn. 

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WRWF’s Reggie to Co-Lead DC Rally to Stop the Beijing Olympic “Genocide Games”

Reggie speaks at a Capitol Hill rally on the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre

Dear Friend,

Please join Reggie in DC on Tuesday, July 13, for our rally on the Capitol Mall to stop the “Genocide Games” – the Winter Olympics currently scheduled for Beijing in 2022.  Details are below.  The Chinese Communist Party does not deserve to host these games, and we are on the cutting edge of the movement to stop them.

Human rights activists and freedom-fighters will hold a rally to “Stop the 2022 Genocide Games in Beijing.”  Speakers will include:

Sam Brownback, Former Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom

Chen Guangcheng, Chinese Human Rights Activist

Bob Fu, Founder and President of China Aid

Rushan Abbas, Founder and Executive Director of the Campaign for Uyghurs

Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Reggie stated:  “It is an affront to human rights for the Olympics to be held in Beijing when the Chinese Communist Party is among the worst human rights abusers in the history of the world.  They are committing Genocide against the Uyghurs and multifarious other atrocities against Tibetans and citizens of Hong Kong.  They unleashed the coronavirus on the world and deadly fentanyl on our own shores.  They have stolen countless billions of dollars in intellectual property.  Far from receiving the honor of hosting the Olympics, they should be declared a Transnational Criminal Organization.”

We are calling for the Olympics to be moved or boycotted.  Sign our petition at: 

Noon-3 p.m. ET, Tuesday, July 13 on the far east end of the National Mall at 3rd St. SW between Madison Dr NW and Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, D.C.


The effort to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from being rewarded for its genocide and many other crimes against humanity is being sponsored by the Genocide Games Coalition led by Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, the Committee on the Present Danger: ChinaSave the Persecuted Christians, and other national NGOs.  Check out our website at

We hope to see you there!

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JOIN REGGIE: Webinar | Vaccine Passports: Gateway to Mass Surveillance? Today, July 1, at 6:00 pm Eastern

6 pm ET, Thursday, July 1

WEBINAR | Vaccine Passports:

Gateway to Mass Surveillance?  

Are “Vaccine Passports” merely a convenient way of showing that someone is vaccinated, or could they be used to restrict rights to freedom and privacy guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?  Vaccine Passports are not merely the digital equivalent of the yellow vaccine cards long used in international travel. According to tech experts, the digital platform used by Vaccine Passports is the same platform used by the “Chinese Social Credit System.”  

In the U.S. and other countries, it can be used to track and control nearly every aspect of our lives. No matter your opinion on the Covid vaccines—some of us are vaccinated and some are not—such a digital passport system is clearly antithetical to the foundational principles of this country and must not be allowed to take root here. 

On the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, join us for an in-depth discussion on the dangers lurking behind vaccine passports and their similarities to the Chinese social credit system.  WRWF’s Reggie Littlejohn will be a panelist.


• Frank Gaffney, Vice Chair for the Committee On the Present Danger: China 


• Josh Phillip, Host, “Crossroads” on Epoch Times TV

• Reggie Littlejohn, President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

• Jay Valentine, Contributing author, Software Executive Magazine and developer, EBay fraud protection engine

• Rob Maness, Host, Rob Maness Show

• Dr. Sean Lin, Executive Director, Truth Warriors Alliance 

Register to Attend:

Sign the Public Petition:

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WATCH: Jenna Ellis interviews Reggie on China’s New 3-Child Policy

Screenshot, Jenna Ellis interviewing Reggie on China’s 3-Child Policy

Dear Friend,

I am grateful to former Trump legal advisor, Jenna Ellis, for interviewing me about China’s new 3-child policy, and for helping us get the message out that forced abortion and gendercide – the sex-selective abortion of baby girls – will continue under the new 3-child policy.  You can watch a two-minute excerpt from the interview HERE.

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“China Considers Lifting All Birth Restrictions in 2025” – Why Wait? Why Not Now?

iStock – credit: Gang Zhou

The recent article published by the Wall Street Journal stating that the Chinese Communist Party may be considering the end of all coercive population control policies in 2025 will no doubt be met with celebration by some. Before celebrating, I would note the following:

·     The  CCP has not ended birth restrictions.  They are only considering the possibility of doing so in 2025.

·     They have not repented of forced abortion or sterilization, but are considering this measure purely for demographic and economic reasons.  They are desperate for new babies to renew their work force and balance out their rapidly aging population.

·     Since they are heading into a demographic disaster, why do they need to wait until 2025?   Until all coercive population control ends, women’s bodies remain in the domain of the State and the Womb Police are still in business.  Women should be free to give birth to their children – now.   According to a Radio Free Asia report, “an average of 8 million ‘extra’ pregnancies are aborted in China each year.”  If the CCP waits until 2025, how many more tens of millions of “extra” pregnancies will be aborted – often by force?  We call upon the CCP to end all coercive population control immediately.

·     The Three Child Policy rule is that every couple is allowed to have three children.  Therefore, it remains illegal for single women to give birth.  If the CCP “eliminates” all birth restrictions, will they finally let single women give birth?  Or will the new rule be, “all couples can now have as many children as they want”?

·     Will the abolition of coercive population control be applied to the Uyghurs in Xinjiang as well?  The CCP is currently committing genocide against them, in large part through forced abortion and sterilization.  They have detained tens of thousands of parents because they had “too many children.”  We call on the CCP immediately to stop committing genocide against the Uyghurs through forced abortion and sterilization.  We also call upon them to release all Uyghur parents detained in concentration camps because they have “too many children,” and to restore their children to them.

·     The abolition of all coercive population control restrictions will not by itself restore the population of China.  The CCP did not receive the baby boom it expected when it went from a One-Child Policy to a Two-Child Policy in 2016.  Indeed, after the first year of the Two-Child Policy, the fertility rate declined to its lowest levels in decades.  I believe the same will be true under the Three-Child Policy and would be true if all birth restrictions were lifted.  The CCP has so brutally browbeaten the Chinese people into believing that one child is the ideal number, that many couples do not want more than one child.  In addition, raising children is very expensive in China.  The CCP has fallen victim to its own propaganda.

When the Three-Child Policy does not provide the boost in babies that the CCP wants, I hope it does not resort to forced pregnancy.  Since coercion is at the core of all of its population control policies, regardless of the number of children “allowed,” the possibility of forced pregnancy cannot be dismissed.

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China Considers Lifting All Birth Restrictions by 2025.  6/18/21

Xinjiang Hospitals Aborted, Killed Babies Outside Family Planning Limits:  Uyghur Obstetrician.  8/17/21

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Today is International Widows Day – Save a Widow in China!

“Chunhua” felt no one in the world cared about her–until our fieldworker found her.

Dear Friend,

Chunhua is a seventy-two year old widow.  Her husband passed away recently from cancer of the esophagus.  By the time he went to the hospital, the doctors said it was too late to help him. Little did she know that he had only three weeks left to live.

When her husband died, Chunhua felt there was no one left in the world who cared about her.  She has a son, but he doesn’t visit.  Chunhua says she is so poor she has nothing to give to her son, so her daughter-in-law keeps her son away.  The daughter-in-law actually threatened divorce if the son kept a relationship with his mother!

Our fieldworker visited Chunhua to offer financial support and prayer.  Chunhua says that when our fieldworker prayed for her, she felt better right away.  She says she is so grateful, because even though she has lost her husband, there are still people on earth who love her and care about her. 

Senior suicide is skyrocketing in China, including among widows in the countryside.  We are the only organization in the world with a network inside China that is saving widows and baby girls.  Our fieldworker comes to their door and offers them kindness, prayer and financial help:  $25 a month.  These funds are most often used for food and can make the difference between hopelessness and hope for these widows.

To learn more about our Save a Widow Campaign and how you can help, click HERE.

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WATCH Reggie on CBN News “Set it Straight” China’s 3-Child Policy

Screenshot:  Gary Lane of CBN News interviews Reggie Littlejohn about China’s new Three-Child Policy

Dear Friends,

Thanks to CBN News and Gary Lane for allowing me to “Set It Straight” in this interview:  “China’s 3-child Policy Is No Cause to Celebrate.”   We discuss my conviction that forced abortion, especially of single mothers, will continue under the new 3-child policy, as will the sex-selective abortion of baby girls.  Also, I challenge the Chinese Communist Party to release from concentration camps all Uyghur parents who were detained because they have three children.  Please watch, like and share this 5-minute video.  This will really help us get our message out!  You can watch it HERE.

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Our “Save a Girl” campaign is helping “Peizhi” and her impoverished family survive.

Peizhi is six months old, born into a poor farming family in rural China.  She is the second daughter in her family. Neighbors laugh at them because they have no son, bringing shame on the family.  But they love little Peizhi anyway. 

Life is difficult for Peizhi and her family.  Her mother seriously injured her leg two years ago, and never fully recovered.  Now she is unable to do any fieldwork.  She cooks and cleans for the family, and watches out for Peizhi’s grandfather.    Peizhi’s grandfather lives with them, but he has dementia and needs someone to watch him all the time or he will wander away from home and not be able to find his way back.  Peizhi’s father supports everybody, and this role is very stressful on him. As a poor farmer, he simply cannot provide for two disabled family members and two daughters, without the help of his wife in the field.  According to Peizhi’s mother, her husband suddenly looks like an old man. She has been worried about finances and about the strain on her husband.

It was a great relief to Peizhi’s parents when our “Save a Girl” fieldworker visited them to offer support for a year.  Peizhi’s mother said she believes Peizhi must “have an angel blessing her,” because the whole family has received good luck because of this beautiful little girl.

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Watch: Reggie’s message to Hong Kong re: Tiananmen Square

Reggie speaks to the people of Hong Kong, June 4, 2021

The people of Hong Kong are having their basic human rights stripped away before their eyes by the Chinese Communist Party. For decades, they have held a huge, candlelight vigil in Victoria Park, to commemorate the June 4, 1989 massacre on Tiananmen Square. The CCP has banned that vigil this year. Here is my message of encouragement and hope, which was streamed into Hong Kong on June 4. 

You can watch the video HERE.

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Text: Reggie’s Message to Hong Kong re: Tiananmen Square

Message to the People of Hong Kong
June 4, 2021, 32nd Anniversary of the
Tiananmen Square Massacre

Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President
Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Warmest greetings to the people of Hong Kong. I am greatly humbled to address you on this somber anniversary.

My name is Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. We expose and oppose forced abortion and the sex selective abortion of baby girls in China. We stand with the people of Hong Kong in your fight for basic human rights.

I imagine that on June 4, you will be watching this with a heavy heart. No one has been more loyal and dedicated than you have in keeping the memory of the Tiananmen Square Massacre alive. For three decades, your massive, candlelight vigils in Victoria Park have been an inspiration to the world. You have remembered the freedom fighters who died on Tiananmen Square, so that their sacrifice would not be forgotten.

And now, you in Hong Kong are losing your own freedom. So many of your
bravest souls are now languishing in jail. It is a hallmark of a totalitarian regime that it slams its greatest heroes in jail.

And yet, you keep fighting bravely on. The Chinese Communist Party is trying to re-write history, to blot out the memory of June 4, 1989. They are banning the Vigil, changing textbooks and museum exhibits, promoting the lie that Hong Kong’s brilliant success belongs to the Chinese Communist Party.

The authorities have cited health concerns about the coronavirus as the “reason” the June 4 vigil will be banned. Everyone knows that is just an excuse.

If the CCP really cared about health, they would not have unleashed the
coronavirus on the world. They would not have forcibly aborted 400 million women and babies under the One Child Policy. They would not be executing prisoners of conscience to harvest their organs for transplant. They would not be committing genocide against the Uyghurs. And if the CCP really cared about health, they would not have massacred hundreds, or possibly thousands, of innocent victims on Tiananmen Square.

The CCP does not care about health. All they care about is expanding their power at your expense and at the expense of the whole world. They have no business hosting the Olympic Games in 2022. These Games should be moved or boycotted. We have launched a website,, where you can sign a petition to move or boycott the Games. In fact, as I testified before the United States Congress a couple of weeks ago, I believe that all the 152 nations that are signatories to the 1948 Genocide Convention are required to boycott the Olympics, because they have committed themselves to punishing any nation that is committing genocide. And I believe that, because of its unleashing of the coronavirus, its theft of hundreds of billions in intellectual property, and its spreading of deadly fentanyl, the CCP should be designated as a transnational criminal organization.

You are so brave to speak truth to power from Chinese soil. Even if you can’t assemble in Victoria Park for a candlelight vigil, you can still hold a candlelight vigil in your own home. You can put a candle in your window. You can say a prayer for those who died on Tiananmen Square. You can pray for the God of the universe to intervene on behalf of Hong Kong.

The CCP wants everyone to believe that it has absolute power, but it does not. The CCP thinks that it is God, but it is not. And God will not be mocked.

The CCP can stop a vigil, but it cannot stop something even more powerful than a vigil. It cannot stop the power of the human heart lifted up in desperate prayer. It cannot stop the power of God, who loves you and answers your prayers. I believe that, if we all join together and fast and sacrifice and pray, in His time and in His miraculous way, the God of freedom will set you free.

I am with you, but far more important, God almighty – the God who created
heaven and earth — is with you in this battle. Thank you and God bless you.

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