U.S. Enacts Law Slamming China on Human Rights Abuses

Uyghur women wearing traditional attire.  Istockphoto credit:  reisswald

Last Wednesday, President Trump signed into law the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act.  The Uyghurs (pronounced WEE-gurs) are an ethnic and religious minority living in the East Turkistan (referred to as Xinjiang) area of China.  Credible reports have emerged that the Chinese Communist Party has been committing egregious human rights atrocities against the Uyghurs:  detaining one to three million in internment camps, raping and forcibly sterilizing women, forcing women to marry Han Chinese men, subjecting men and women to intense religious persecution.  The Act received overwhelming bi-partisan support.  Read this article for my further comments:

Trump Signs Law to Halt China’s Egregious Human Rights Abuses

I hope that other nations will join the U.S. in condemning the CCP for its horrendous abuses.  

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