WATCH:  Laura Ingraham of Fox News Interviews Reggie on the Digital Gulag

Laura Ingraham interviews Reggie on the globalist plan for digital enslavement.

Watch HERE.

On Monday, November 21, I was astonished to receive a phone call that Laura Ingraham wanted to interview me about the globalist plan for digital enslavement – the subject of our Webinar that day. When I arrived at Fox News in DC that night, I was even more surprised to learn that this was to be the lead story on the Ingraham Angle. 

I don’t know how many millions of people saw that interview, but my hope and prayer is that it will be a breakthrough on this issue – a resounding wake-up call to the perils we face.  Thanks to Laura Ingraham for raising the visibility of this crucial issue.

Watch this four-minute interview HERE (Fox News Channel) or HERE (YouTube).

Then, take action HERE.

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