WATCH:  Our Congressional Briefing on the W.H.O. Global Dictator


Congressional Briefing:  The Fundamental Transformation of the W.H.O. from Health Advisor to Global Dictator

Dear Friend,

If you want the most concise and comprehensive 30-minute download on the dangers of the World Health Organization and its attempted global coup, from some of the top experts in the world, please watch this video.

Earlier this month, I was humbled to moderate a briefing on the W.H.O. for Members of the U.S. House Oversight Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, and their staff.  The briefing was sponsored by the Sovereignty Coalition, which I co-founded.  Our experts include Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Kat Lindley, Attorney Valerie Borek, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Kris Ullman.  Women’s Rights Without Frontiers was a co-sponsor of the event.  See the full list of co-sponsors here.


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