WATCH:  Reggie’s presentation in England about the WHO’s Surveillance State

Reggie presents at the World Council for Health conference in Bath, England

WATCH HERE (11 min)

Dear Friend,

I was honored earlier this year to make a presentation in Bath, England entitled, “One Health and the Biotech Surveillance State.”  “One Health” is a seemingly innocent idea that human health is connected to animal health, plant health and the environment.  It can, however, be used as a pretext to surveil nearly every aspect of life on earth and censor anyone who disagrees with the official narrative.

We are facing an existential threat to our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom if this global coup is not opposed effectively.  Time is short.  The WHO vote on the proposed pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations will take place in May of 2024.

Because this presentation was given before the new “Negotiating Draft” of the proposed pandemic treaty was released, it quotes the then-current “Bureau Draft.” The “Negotiating Draft,” however, does not resolve the issues raised in this presentation. “One Health” remains a part of the “Negotiating Draft” and involves surveillance and censorship.


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