WATCH:  Reggie and Dr. Robert Malone, “China Model” Webinar

Reggie and Dr. Robert Malone presented at the “China Model” Webinar, with Dr. Steven Hatfill and John Locke

Watch HERE.

Dear Friend,

Please watch this powerful webinar on how the “China Model” is being imposed on the United States and the world through the pandemic response, Emergency Use Authorizations, lockdowns, vaccine mandates and group think.   The remarks of Dr. Malone begin at 14:30 to 27:24. My remarks are from 40:10 to 50:19.  Don’t miss the remarks of Dr. Steven Hatfill and John Locke as well!  Frank Gaffney, Vice Chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger:  China, which sponsored this webinar, moderated.

Watch HERE.

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