WATCH:  Reggie’s TV Interview on the Protest in China – Real America’s Voice

Host Jeff Crouere joins our #BlankPaperProtest while interviewing Reggie on Real America’s Voice

WATCH HERE!  (11 minutes)

Dear Friend,

You may have heard about the recent protests China, the biggest ones since Tiananmen Square.  These protests were set off by a fatal apartment fire in Xinjiang / East Turkistan, and initially centered around protesting China’s harsh “Zero Covid” policies, as well as grieving for the victims of the fire and their families.  The protests quickly spread to the point that some protestors, especially in Shanghai, were calling for Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party to step down!

It is hard to imagine the bravery of these protestors, who were risking their freedom and possibly more, by protesting against this totalitarian regime, with so many surveillance cameras tracking them. 

They started a #BlankPaperProtest against censorship.  The blank piece of paper symbolizes everything they are allowed to say without being censored – which is nothing at all.  Please support them by taking a photo of yourself holding a blank piece of paper and posting it on Twitter, Gettr, Parler and Truth Social under the hashtag #BlankPaperProtest. 

WATCH HERE!  (11 minutes)

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