WATCH:  TV Interview — The Perilous Nature of Life for Women Living under the CCP

Kelly Wright of NTDTV (formerly of Fox News) interviews Reggie


Dear Friend,

March 8 marked International Women’s Day.  The women of China have been brutalized by the Chinese Communist Party since the inception of the One Child Policy in 1980.  China currently has a three-child policy.  Any restriction on births is a violation of women’s rights, and we call upon the Chinese Communist Party to end all coercive population control, including in Tibet and Xinjiang.

Beyond this, the mothers of baby girls are still sometimes pressured to abort or abandon their daughters, especially second and third daughters.  In the countryside, farming families have been hit hard by pandemic lockdowns.  Some of them are suffering from severe poverty, placing their baby girls at risk. 

Meanwhile, abandoned widows in the Chinese countryside are suffering from loneliness and extreme hardship, too often leading to suicide.

We are helping!  We are the only organization in the world with a network saving baby girls and abandoned widows in the Chinese countryside.

WATCH my recent interview with Kelly Wright of NTDTV, taken at CPAC.

Learn more about our “Save a Girl” campaign in China HERE.

Learn more about our “Save a Widow” campaign in China HERE.

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