WATCH:  Webinar – Covid Injections and Women:  Miscarriage, Infertility and More

Watch HERE.

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Of all of our webinars, this one is not for the faint of heart.  We have assembled some of the top experts in the world to inform us on effects of the Covid shot on women concerning extreme menstrual irregularities, pregnancy complications, miscarriage and infertility.

All medical procedures, including injections, require informed consent, which includes a risk/benefit analysis.  Where there is risk, there must be choice.  The fact that women are not informed about the serious risks to their reproductive health and to the lives of their unborn children in relation to the COVID injections is a women’s rights issue of first importance.

The physicians and others on this panel are true heroes.  Many if not all of them have faced censorship, harassment, and the threat of losing their licenses because of their concern for their patients, which is expressed by sounding the alarm about the dangers of the Covid shot. 

Watch HERE.

My remarks can be found at 5:34 to 11:10 and again at 1:31:00 to 1:33:10.   Nevertheless, I would highly recommend watching the entire webinar.  In my opinion, this is the definitive webinar on Covid injections and their potentially devastating impact on women and the unborn.

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