WATCH:  Webinar Link – Soft Coup, Hard Tyranny with Michele Bachmann, Alex Newman, other outstanding panelists


Dear Friend,

This powerful panel of outstanding experts has issued a warning:  If we do not act to stop Digital IDs, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and other globalist plans advanced by the World Health Organization and United Nations, we will find ourselves trapped in a “Digital Gulag” from which there will be no escape.  Once the surveillance and censorship apparatus — announced by the WHO, UN, World Economic Forum and other unelected globalist entities – is fully operational, dissent will be crushed.

My remarks are from 4:55 to 14:15, but the entire webinar is worth watching.

Panelists include:  Hon. Michele Bachmann, Dr. Francis Boyle, Dr. David Bell, Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Karladine Graves, Alex Newman and Ron Armstrong.  Frank Gaffney moderated.


Take Action to Stop Global Tyranny


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