WATCH Webinar: Unrestricted Warfare on America’s Families (Reggie Panelist)

Watch HERE.


Moderator – Frank Gaffney

Watch HERE


Last week I was a panelist in an extremely powerful webinar on the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to destroy American families.  My presentation was on the brutal way the CCP has destroyed Chinese families through the One Child Policy.  The result has been the breaking of relationships of trust and the isolation of individuals.  This atomization of society is a necessary precondition to imposing totalitarianism.  If you can’t trust anyone, you can’t organize for democracy or mount an effective resistance.  If we want to preserve our freedom and democracy in America, we must resist CCP attempts to destroy the family.

My section is from 12:30 to 20:42. This webinar has an all-star line-up of panelists and is worth watching in its entirety.

This webinar was hosted by the Committee on the Present Danger:  China, of which I am a member.

Watch HERE.

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