Webinar Invitation – Stop the Sellout of U.S.  Sovereignty to the W.H.O. –Monday 4:30 Eastern

Webinar Monday, May 16, 4:30 Eastern

Register HERE.

It is appalling that our own government has actually initiated the greatest voluntary surrender of our national sovereignty since our Republic was founded.

As things stand now, at a meeting of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland between May 22 – 28, U.S.-proposed amendments will be adopted that would make the Director-General of the WHO the sole arbiter of what is a “public health emergency of international concern” and dictate how our government and others must respond to it.

The WHO seriously mishandled the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, which lies caused the deaths of millions. Do you want these same non-elected incompetents telling the U.S. how to handle the next pandemic? The WHO could force the U.S. to vaccinate everyone, force mask mandates, lockdowns, and quarantines.

Learn more about this impending disaster for our constitutional freedoms – and how to resist it – from a world-class panel of experts, including Dr. Peter Breggin and Michelle Bachmann. 

Register HERE.

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