Widow Hualing lost her husband and 3 children. You brought her hope!

“Hualing” lost her husband and all three of her children.  She felt she was cursed and lived in despair until the day our fieldworker came to her door.

Hualing is an eighty-nine-year-old widow.  Her husband passed away ten years ago from lung cancer.  Together they had three children: two boys and a girl.  Sadly, all three of her children died: one son in a car accident, the other son of liver cancer.  When Hualing mentions her daughter, she cannot control her emotions: her daughter was the youngest child and died young. 

Now Hualing is all alone.  All her grandchildren are too busy to visit and have their own things to do.  Since her sons died, the two daughters-in-law never come to visit.  Day by day, Hualing is getting weaker and weaker.  She suffers from coronary heart disease and throat problems.  She lives by herself.  Her only social contact is when her neighbors drop off some vegetables for her because she is not able to go to the village market.   She cannot understand why God would allow all her children to die.  She would rather have died if one of her children could live.  She believes that she has been cursed.  So many tragedies have happened in her life.

The only bright spot in Hualing’s present life happened the day our “Save a Widow” field worker came to her door to offer help and hope.  Hualing was so happy when she heard that our field worker would give her a $25 monthly stipend for food, and better yet, visit her once a month!  She says it is hard for her to go to church, and she doesn’t know how to pray—but she said as soon as she knows how to pray, she will for sure pray to God for our “Save a Widow” program in China and our WRWF organization, supported by generous people like you! 

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