WATCH Reggie on OAN — WHO Pandemic Treaty Negotiations Fall Apart – For Now

Alison Steinberg of OAN interviews Reggie on the failed negotiations on May 24, 2024.


Dear Friends,

On Friday, May 24 – just three days before the World Health Assembly — the WHO announced that the working group tasked with creating a final draft of the Pandemic Treaty was unable to come to a consensus.  Same with the Amendments to the International Health Regulations. In other words, their negotiations fell apart, and they were unable to meet their deadline. 

Is this cause for celebration?  YES.  As co-founder of the Sovereignty Coalition, I and others have been advocating passionately for months that the vote on these treaties must be delayed.  It is a violation of the WHO’s own regulations to present amendments so close to the voting date. 

Worldwide advocacy played a powerful role in this turn of events.  To everyone who took action on one of the Sovereignty Coalition’s many campaigns, this victory belongs to you!!!

We cannot, however, rest on our laurels.  These scheming globalists absolutely will not give up.  See what Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus – Director General of the World Health Organization — said about the failure to reach consensus:

 “This is not a failure.  We will try everything – believing that anything is possible – and make this happen because the world still needs a pandemic treaty.”

They will “try everything” to “make this [Treaty] happen.”  The globalists could try anything, including floating an entirely new document at the World Health Assembly – a document that could be worse than the Treaty itself. They could pass that as a compromise measure and destroy our freedoms that way.  For this reason, I just arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, today to be able to report from the ground on the shenanigans that will no doubt take place at the World Health Assembly.Rest assured, the Pandemic Treaty and the Amendments to the International Health Regulations are not dead and gone.  They are merely delayed.  This delay in itself is a victory.  It enables us to reach out and educate the world about the dangers of these two treaties.  It gives us a fighting chance actually to defeat this diabolical plan.

Keep fighting the good fight!


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