BREAKING: (Warning, graphic image) Chinese Woman Forcibly Aborted at Seven Months

Feng Jianmei with her forcibly aborted baby.  (Credit:  64 Tianwang)

Shanxi Province, China.  Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has learned that a woman was forcibly aborted at seven months of pregnancy on June 3, 2012.

According to a report by the China-based human rights organization 64Tianwang, the woman, Feng Jianmei, was beaten and dragged into a vehicle by a group of Family Planning Officials while her husband, Deng Jiyuan, was out working.  The officials asked for RMB 40,000 in fines from Feng Jianmei’s family.  When they did not receive the money, they forcibly aborted Feng at seven months, laying the body of her aborted baby next to her in the bed.  Feng is under medical treatment in Ankang City, Zhenpin County, Zengjia Town, Yupin village.

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated, “This is an outrage.  No legitimate government would commit or tolerate such an act.  Those who are responsible should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.  WRWF calls on the United States government and the leaders of the free world to strongly condemn forced abortion and all coercive family planning in China.”

Sign a petition against forced abortion here:

Watch a video about forced abortion here:

Read the original report about Feng Jianmei here:

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8 Responses to BREAKING: (Warning, graphic image) Chinese Woman Forcibly Aborted at Seven Months

  1. achut Gautam says:

    Welcome from Nepal . Yes we have to control Family and support for only no more than two son or daughter, thus we can feed them do educate

    • Reggie Littlejohn says:

      Thank you, Gautam. Is your family planning voluntary, or are you forced?

      By the way, I’ve been to Nepal twice, trekking in the Himilayas. A spectacular country!


  2. Mrs Pulman says:

    I am not sure who i am supposed to be writing to or even if i will get a response to this email (which i hope i do) I am a devoted mother of 11 children and horrified to hear of this story as so many others are, i cannot just sit back i wanted to do something, i have already signed the petitions that i can. I just wish i could message her, turn back the clock and invite her even to stay with me, where she could have had her beautiful daughter without this.

    Call themselves human this country does not know the reality of life and whats scary is that one day they will rule the world (they are that powerful in money terms) First of all the poor little toddler girl who gets run down while passers by walk on past now this, when will something be done about it.

    I am hoping that someone can respond to this.

    I feel i should help somehow, i struggle here, do not have my own house or anything, run our own business despite having 11 children and if i could i would open a house to bring all these poor women here to have their children instead of this malicious act to be cast upon them its nothing more than torture, never mind these people who carry it out

    i am so outraged i really hope you will reply so i can do something

    thanks for your time

    • Reggie Littlejohn says:

      Dear Mrs. Pulman,

      Thank you for your heartfelt message and your desire to help?

      What would you like to do?


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  6. I was horrified when I saw this picture. My heart just broke not only for that precious little child but for that precious young mother who’s just been crushed and so horrifically violated. I have been convicted in my own heart to dig deeper into what God would have me do to make a difference in these latter years.

    Great thanks to all of those who have chosen and accepted the call and the challenge to be on the front lines. Many blessings to you all.