WATCH:  Reggie’s TV Interview on Bioweapons and China’s Mass DNA Collection

Reggie on NTDTV with Stefania Cox

Watch HERE

Dear Friend,

Did you know that the Chinese Communist Party has a “Military-Civil Fusion” policy requiring all Chinese-owned companies upon request to hand over their data to the Chinese military upon for its use?  This includes Chinese companies that have collected human DNA from all over the world, including the United States.  What is to prevent the People’s Liberation Army from using our DNA to create bioweapons against us?  Learn more by watching this 5-minute interview on NTDTV.

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Watch HERE

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Save a Girl in China! We Saved Lanying from Being Given Away

Lanying’s grandmother said her birth was an “unfair punishment” because she is a girl.  We saved her from being given away!

Lanying was four months old when our fieldworker arrived to offer encouragement and financial help to her family.  Lanying is a second daughter.  She comes from a remote village and her family is impoverished. Her older sister is nine years old. Like most second daughters, Lanying’s birth did not bring happiness to the family, but sorrow.

Lanying’s family is financially stressed.  Her grandmother has high blood pressure and heart disease.  There is no health insurance in the countryside, so paying for medication placed additional strain on this already impoverished farming family.  Given their financial struggles, mom had no confidence to give birth to a second child.  Lanying’s grandmother had encouraged Lanying’s mother to have a second child, believing it would be a boy, because she spent a large sum of money at the local temple to ask that this child would be a boy.

After the second granddaughter was born, her grandmother was extremely frustrated.  She said that having another girl is an “unfair punishment!”  Why is she no longer healthy? Why is there no grandson for her until today?

When our field workers arrived to visit the mother, the grandmother also participated in the conversation. Lanying’s mom said that God sent angels to them and gave helping hands to this poor family. Our Save a Girl campaign transformed the whole family from hopeless to hopeful. Grandma also changed her attitude and said she was ashamed of herself.  She used to be a Christian, but because she wanted to have a grandson, she went to the temple and worshiped an idol. Finally, Jesus Christ came to save them! They are very curious about Christians, who are willing to help them without asking anything in return. These Christians are providing support for the same reason that their community is looking down on them: they are destitute, and they have two daughters.  

After meeting with our fieldworkers, Lanying’s mom and grandma now believe that their little beautiful baby girl is a blessing. Grandma no longer thinks about giving her away.

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NTD-TV Interview:  My take on the Biden-Xi Meeting Last Week

Stefania Cox interviews Reggie on NTDTV

Dear Friend,

As you may know, Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Woodside, California last Wednesday to discuss diverse matters including Chinese fentanyl production, restoring military communication, climate change and pandas.  Xi said he is ready to be “a partner and friends with the United States.”   NTDTV asked me to comment on the meeting from a human rights perspective.  Watch the 4-minute interview, entitled, “Renowned Human Rights Advocate Reveals Strategy to Counter CCP Ideology,” in which I explain some of the ways that the CCP abuses “friendship.”


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House Votes to Defund the WHO, Require Senate Approval on Pandemic Treaty!

Leading Members of the House Appropriations Committee Mario Diaz-Balart and John Moolinaar thank the Sovereignty Coalition for educating Congress on the dangers of the WHO power grab.  We thank them for their leadership!

Watch the video HERE. (1 min)

Dear Friend,

Our voices have been heard.

The United States House of Representatives has voted to defund the World Health Organization.  The House also voted to require that any agreement drafted by the World Health Assembly or any other United Nations body will not be funded until it has been obtained the required advice and consent of the Senate.  These are huge victories!

Check out the language on pages 249-250 of H.R. 4665.

HR 4665, pages 249-250

The House approved H.R. 4665 on September 28, 2023, by a vote of 216-212. The word has not gotten out through the mainstream media, which is why I am bringing this to you now.

Challenges remain ahead.  These measures still require approval by the Senate and must be signed into law by the President.  With your help, we have overcome every hurdle in this fight thus far and are light years ahead of where we dreamed we would be at this moment . . . So, we are pausing to say:

Thank you to everyone who took action by emailing or

calling your Representatives;

Thank you to Members of the Sovereignty Coalition,

for springing into action at this critical moment;

Thank you to brave members of Congress for

spearheading this bold move;

Thank you to the generous donors supporting this work; and especially

Thank you to God for answering our prayers!


As you may know, I co-founded the Sovereignty Coalition to stop Chinese-style totalitarianism from spreading to the United States and worldwide, in large part through the pernicious agreements currently being negotiated at the World Health Organization and the United Nations.  The Sovereignty Coalition has grown to more than 50 organizations, 250 doctors and other influencers, and tens of thousands who have signed the Sovereignty Declaration or who have taken action on one of our campaigns.


With your help, the Sovereignty Coalition has met with astonishing success in our efforts to raise the visibility of this issue within the United States.  When we launched the Sovereignty Coalition, getting the U.S. Congress to agree to defund and withdraw from the WHO seemed to be an impossible dream.  Then, we launched a campaign to educate Congress on this issue.  Through our efforts, 320,000 actions were taken to raise the visibility of this issue in Congress.  The result is that, with the help of Rep. Ralph Norman, a Congressional press conference was held on May 17 at which 18 members of Congress, including Rep. Chris Smith and Rep. Andy Biggs, all demanded that the U.S. withdraw from the WHO!  I don’t think this would have happened without your help.

(Text continues below photos)

Reggie speaks at the Congressional Press Conference on May 17, 2023. 

Watch Reggie’s 1 minute speech HERE. 

Watch the entire Congressional Press Conference and see the full list of speakers HERE.

The impact of our advocacy did not end with the Congressional Press Conference.  Members who spoke at that Press Conference went on to sponsor a bill to defund the WHO, which passed through their subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. 

Again, the Sovereignty Coalition sprang into action.  We worked hard over the July 4 weekend to find and input the contact information for all 60 members of the House Appropriations Committee and to design and publicize the campaign.  We put out an urgent call to action, asking our advocates (that’s you!)  to email and call your representatives to inform them that the only way to save our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom is by defunding the WHO.  The results were spectacular.  Advocates sent hundreds of thousands of emails to the House Appropriations Committee! The morning the Appropriations Committee was to vote on funding for the WHO, each member of that Committee received thousands of emails and countless phone calls informing them of the urgent need to defund the WHO.

The House Appropriations Committee voted to defund the WHO!  And two Members – Mario Diaz-Balart and John Moolinaar — sent the Sovereignty Coalition a video, thanking us for all we had done to make this possible.  We thank them for their leadership as well!  Please watch the 1-minute video HERE.

This was another major victory.  It seems like a miracle to us.  It is an example of democracy at work!  We The People were heard by our representatives!

But another hurdle remained:  The bill to defund the WHO had to be passed by the House as a whole.  We launched another campaign.  Our advocates (that’s you!) sent tens of thousands of emails to Congress asking them to #DefundTheWHO.  The impossible became a reality.  The House passed H.R. 4665, which contains provisions to defund the WHO and to require Senate approval before funding any instrument passed by the WHO or any other United Nations body.

Our work is not yet done.  We still need to educate the Senate and the President of the urgent reasons to defund and exit the WHO – so we will be coming back to you to ask you to take action again.  But it is important to celebrate important milestones along the way.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is being used by the Chinese Communist Party, globalists, and their enablers in the Biden administration to end our sovereignty. Their stated goal is to promote “global governance” – by which they mean not the sort of representative, accountable government guaranteed by our Constitution. Rather, they seek to have the world run by elites through vehicles like the W.H.O., empowered to use health security as a pretext for anti-constitutional, totalitarian surveillance and control of Americans.

The only way to prevent such an assault on our freedoms is to withdraw the United States from the W.H.O. The first step is to stop the American taxpayers’ underwriting of that organization.

We are doing everything we can to protect our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom.  Will you support us in this battle?


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WATCH:  Reggie’s Interview on Dr. Drew Show – W.H.O/ U.N. Power Grab

Reggie interviewed on the Dr. Drew show, Dr. Kelly Victory filling in for Dr. Drew, with Dr. William Makis

Watch HERE.

Watch HERE.

Thanks to Dr. Drew and Dr. Kelly Victory for this in-depth interview on the United Nations and the World Health Organization’s path to global control.  In simple terms, the WHO seeks to exert global control through health, and the UN seeks to exert global control through climate change.  Both plans require mandatory digital IDs and central bank digital currencies.

If we do not resist now, we will inevitably become trapped in a digital gulag.  Learn more by watching the video.

Watch HERE.

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International Day of the Girl Child:  Celebrating 10 Years of Saving Baby Girls in China!

Screenshot of our Save a Girl video.  To watch the video, click HERE.

October 11 is the International Day of the Girl Child.  As we celebrate the beloved women and girls in our lives, let us also remember the 200 million girls worldwide who have been the victims of sex-selective abortion and abandonment and fatal neglect.  This statistic is depressing, but we are doing something about it! 

In fact, today we are celebrating 10 years of saving baby girls in China.

We are the only organization in the world that has a network on the ground inside China that is actively saving baby girls.  Please watch this 3-minute video that shows the beautiful faces of a few of the hundreds of baby girls we have saved and says how we save them.  Click HERE to watch.

Three babies saved by our “Save a Girl” campaign in rural China

In honor of the International Day of the Girl Child, won’t you help us save more girls like the ones in this video?  So far, we have saved more than 300 girls, and yet there are millions more who are being aborted and abandoned just because they are girls.  Others suffer from extreme poverty.  Each one of these girls is infinitely precious.  Please help us save them by donating to our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

Learn more about how you can help to save girls HERE. 

For $25 per month, or $300 per year, our GirlSavers have helped WRWF save at-risk babies in China, who might not be alive if one of our undercover fieldworkers had not met her mother and assured her that little girls are as special as boys. We put our money where our mouth is, offering practical assistance to empower these mothers to keep their daughters.

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OAN interviews Reggie on Digital IDs and Medical Enslavement

Alison Steinberg interviews Reggie on One America News (OAN)

WATCH HERE (4 minutes)

OSHA chief rewrites history to say they never tried to compel jabs. Scientists who developed MRNA get the Nobel Prize. How it all ties in with Digital IDs and medical enslavement. My take on it, on OAN with Alison Steinberg.


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WATCH – Reggie’s interview on OAN (One America News) about the UN and WHO power grab

Reggie on OAN with Alison Steinberg discussing the UN power grab

Watch HERE

Watch my interview on OAN (One America News) discussing the United Nations power grab.  We know that the World Health Organization is endangering our national sovereignty and personal medical freedom through its plan to dictate how all nations must respond in the case of a health emergency.  The United Nations more recently has made a similar move, wanting an emergency platform that will operationalize automatically if they decide there is an emergency involving the climate, outer space, or an undefined “black swan” event, which could be anything.  My remarks begin at 4:06.

Watch HERE

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China Should End Its Three-Child Policy Now! (43rd Anniversary of the One Child Policy)

iStock – credit: globalmoments

On September 25, 1980, China unleashed its brutal One Child Policy, under which the CCP’s “Womb Police” succeeded in limiting births through forced abortion, forced sterilization, and even infanticide.  In 2009 they boasted that they had “prevented” 400 million births through the One Child Policy – their contribution to the fight against global warming!  I believe that the total number of lives “prevented” through forced abortions and sterilizations today is likely closer to 500 million.

The One Child Policy shifted to a Two Child Policy in 2016 and to a Three Child Policy in 2021.  Through all these policy shifts, the CCP has maintained the right forcibly to abort out-of-plan or “illegal pregnancies.”  Now, the CCP finds that it is facing a population decline that is as devastating as it is irreversible.  Apparently, the CCP thought that it could simply relax the policy and count on people suddenly wanting to have more children.  Not so.  The Two and Three Child Policies have failed to deliver the increase in births desired by the CCP, and now China faces a demographic disaster.  

Earlier this year, Sichuan Province announced that it was lifting all birth restrictions, allowing all couples – and even single parents — to have as many children as they want.  The rest of China should follow suit. 

Why did Sichuan make this move?  Demographers have long predicted that, due to the demographic devastation caused by the One Child Policy, China would eventually suffer a demographic decline.  This decline in work force will have devastating economic consequences. The decrease in the labor force will stifle China’s ability to support its “severely aging society.”  Indeed, demographers forecast that by 2035, 400 million people – 30 percent of the population — will be 60 and above.  The CCP has no ability to support this swiftly aging population.

Nevertheless, many couples are choosing to have no children at all.  Indeed, the Zero Covid policy has driven some young couples to despair.  One such couple in Shanghai was confronted by covid police dressed in hazmat suits, known as “Big Whites,” who attempted to drag them away to a quarantine camp because they had had contact with someone who tested positive.  The police threatened three generations of their family, to which the husband calmly replied, “We are the last generation.”    This indictment of life under the tyranny of the CCP – expressed by the refusal to bring children into this world — went viral in China.

iStock – credit: rweisswald

Under the Three Child Policy, it remains illegal for women to have a fourth child, or to give birth if unmarried.  China has announced that it will no longer enforce fines on couples who have more children than permitted.  What about single parents?  Further, will the relaxation of the rule apply to Uyghur families in Xinjiang, or will it apply only to Han Chinese?  Countless couples in Xinjiang have been placed into “labor camps” for having “too many children.”  Their children have been removed from their parents and placed in orphanages and boarding schools. 

Credible reports exist that the CCP is practicing forced abortion and involuntary sterilization in Tibet as well. 

Because of son preference, most babies aborted in China have been female; there are an estimated 35 million more males living in China than females.  This gender imbalance is driving sexual slavery within China and from surrounding countries.  The sex-selective abortion of some females leads to the sexual slavery of others.  There is no more violent form of gender discrimination than gendercide, the real war on women.   

Meanwhile, in the Chinese countryside, impoverished women are still being pressured to “give away” their baby girls or are struggling to feed them.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has enabled hundreds of women in the Chinese countryside to keep and feed their infant daughters through our Save a Girl Campaign.  

Given China’s desperation to increase the birth rate, maintaining the Three-Child Policy – or any other coercive population control policy — is preposterous.  The CCP needs to retire its Womb Police.  It is reprehensible to dictate to women how many children they can have, no matter the number.

We call upon the CCP to end all coercive population control, to make forced abortion and sterilization illegal, including in Xinjiang and Tibet, and to institute effective measures to save girl children, immediately.  We call upon them to release all parents in Xinjiang who are currently in detention camps because they have “too many children.”

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WATCH:  Webinar Link – Soft Coup, Hard Tyranny with Michele Bachmann, Alex Newman, other outstanding panelists


Dear Friend,

This powerful panel of outstanding experts has issued a warning:  If we do not act to stop Digital IDs, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and other globalist plans advanced by the World Health Organization and United Nations, we will find ourselves trapped in a “Digital Gulag” from which there will be no escape.  Once the surveillance and censorship apparatus — announced by the WHO, UN, World Economic Forum and other unelected globalist entities – is fully operational, dissent will be crushed.

My remarks are from 4:55 to 14:15, but the entire webinar is worth watching.

Panelists include:  Hon. Michele Bachmann, Dr. Francis Boyle, Dr. David Bell, Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Karladine Graves, Alex Newman and Ron Armstrong.  Frank Gaffney moderated.


Take Action to Stop Global Tyranny


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