Invitation Today! WRWF to Co- Host Free Virtual Event at United Nations, 11:00 a.m. Eastern

You are invited to attend our virtual webinar at the United Nations TODAY! The Women’s United Nations Reporting Network and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers will co-host a free, virtual event at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW).   Women’s Rights in China will report on the true status of women in China.  Please join us!  Details below. 

UN Commission on the Status of Women Session 65


The Status of Women in China

Where Is Social Protection & Support?


March 18, 2021 Time: 11:00 am Eastern


The two most vulnerable groups of females in China are baby girls/forcefully aborted or abandoned, and widows, usually elderly. Widows are exponentially increasing all over the world, but the rising number of poor, destitute widows has been quite invisible, especially in China. Many are in small, remote Chinese villages and without social protection, social provision for survival with dignity. In a society that continues to favor males, baby girls and elderly widows are often considered a liability in China. Widows may have large medical bills for their deceased husbands and for themselves. Their family may be far away and often disinterested in caring for an ageing family widow. Baby girls, if they are lucky enough to survive, are often abandoned, as their mothers are pressured to “give them away” in favor of having a boy. Baby girls and widowed older women are, indeed, a tragic hidden crisis in China. This panel will discuss, show examples, and consider viable solutions, for Chinese baby girls and for elderly widows, with a particular focus on social protection, greater gender equality, human rights, and social justice.  Beyond this, women in China continue to face gender-based violence and discrimination.

Distinguished Speakers:

  • Ms. Reggie Littlejohn – Attorney, Founder Women’s Rights Without Frontiers
    • Video on China Abandoned Baby Girls; China Elderly Widows – Overview & Video
  • Ms. Jing Zhang – Founder & Director, Women’s Rights in China 
    • Forced Abortions in China – Video

 Moderator: Ms. Lois A. Herman – Coordinator WUNRN-Women’s UN Report Network 

CONTACT:  Reggie Littlejohn, 310.592.5722;

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China Does Not Deserve to Host the 2022 Olympics

Olympic Flag (Shutterstock – credit: lazyllama)

Because of its genocide and many other serious human rights violations, the Chinese Communist Party does not deserve the honor of hosting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. They will just use this prestigious event to further their propaganda, as they did in 2008. We call on the International Olympic Committee to move the Olympics to a willing city in a free country, perhaps to a place that has recently hosted the winter Olympics, so that they already have the infrastructure. We would love to see the U.S. host the “Freedom Olympics” as an alternative to the “Genocide Olympics.” We are not alone in this growing call to boycott. Read the article below.

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International Women’s Day a Mockery for Chinese Women [WARNING: Distressing Content]

(iStock photo – credit: spukkato)

International Women’s Day will not be celebrated by hundreds of millions of Chinese women who live under the iron fist of the Two Child Policy, many of whom have been victims of forced abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy, as well as forced sterilization.  They have had a fundamental right stripped away: the right to bear children.

Recently, the use of systematic rape has come to light in China.  A teacher forced to work in one of the Uyghur detention camps in Xinjiang Province recently told the BBC:

. . .“rape was common,” and the guards “picked the girls and young women they wanted and took them away.”

She described witnessing a harrowing public gang rape of a woman of just 20 or 21, who was brought before about 100 other detainees to make a forced confession.

“after that, in front of everyone, the police took turns to rape her,” [the teacher] said.

“While carrying out this test, they watched people closely and picked out anyone who resisted, clenched their fists, closed their eyes, or looked away, and took them for punishment.”

This excruciating account was reported in BBC’s recent investigative report, ‘Their goal is to destroy everyone’:  Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape. 

This account of gang rape, after what appears to have been a Cultural Revolution-style struggle session to extract a forced confession, is the stuff of nightmares – except that according to accounts of several women who have escaped the camps in Xinjiang and spoken to the BBC, it is actually happening today, to real women in Xinjiang, at the savage hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP has also been credibly accused of forcibly aborting and sterilizing Uyghur women in the hundreds of thousands, as well as committing infanticide of full term babies born outside of the family planning limits.  Secretary of State Pompeo, on his last day in office, officially labeled these and other human rights abuses by the CCP to be Genocide.

Meanwhile, forced abortion continues to be rampant across China, not limited to Xinjiang.  A Radio Free Asia report stated that, according to an official news outlet, “an average of 8 million ‘extra’ pregnancies are aborted in China each year.”  “Extra” pregnancies – a euphemism for “illegal” pregnancies —  are aborted by force.

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated, “I find it impossible to celebrate any advancement of women’s rights anywhere on earth, when one out of five women in the world is subject to a regime that will strap them down to tables, thrust its hands into their wombs and rip their little ones out, as these women scream and plead for the lives of babies they desperately want.  Gendercide – the sex selective abortion of baby girls – has been practiced for generations in China, and widows are destitute and abandoned in the countryside.

“The women’s movement can claim no real victory so long as this scourge against women continues to blight the face of the earth.  Chinese women cannot stand up against forced abortion without risking detention, for themselves and for their families.  It is time for all women to rise up for our sisters in China and be a voice for the voiceless.” 

Littlejohn stated, “It is a travesty that China – one of the worst women’s rights offenders in the world — is being honored by hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics.  I call on the international women’s rights community to join me in pressing to get the Olympics moved to a country that respects the rights of women.”

Watch a 4-minute video, “Stop Forced Abortion.”

Sign a petition to stop forced abortion:

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‘Their goal is to destroy everyone’:  Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape

China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population

Sterilizations, IUDs, and Mandatory Birth Control:  The CCP’s Campaign to Suppress Uyghur Birthrates in Xinjiang.  Adrian Zenz, The Jamestown Foundation.  June, 2020

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Thanks to your help, “Xingjuan” was saved from being given away to strangers

Xingjuan was eleven months old when we found her.  She is a rare third daughter in her family.  Rare, because even second daughters are at risk of being aborted or abandoned under China’s Two Child Policy.  Few third daughters are allowed to see the light of day.  

Life is extremely hard for Xingjuan and her family.  Her parents are vegetable farmers.  During the Covid-19 economic shutdown in China, no trucks came to their remote village to buy vegetables.  Much of their crop simply rotted in the greenhouse.  Not only did they make no money, but they spent money, time and energy maintaining their farm.  Now, they are financially devastated. 

Another factor that makes life hard for this family is “daughter shaming.”  They are known in their village as “the family with daughters only.”  Xingjuan’s paternal grandmother feels particularly shamed by this, because her son (Xingjuan’s father) is the only boy she had, and now she has no grandsons, either.  This grandmother found a family in a nearby village that has two sons, and tried to pressure Xingjuan’s mom into giving Xingjuan away to that family.  Because there are so many more men living in China than women, some parents resort to “adopting” a baby girl, to raise her as the future wife of their son.  Xingjuan’s mom fought against giving away her daughter. 

Fortunately for Xingjuan and her family, our fieldworker heard about their plight and approached them with an offer of encouragement and financial support for one year.  Our support turned the whole situation around: now Xingjuan is viewed as a lucky girl by her family, and even the grandmother has changed her mind.  The grandmother said that for years she prayed to God for a grandson, but now she sees that granddaughters can be a big blessing from God, too.  She admits she has never thought of granddaughters this way before!  

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Reggie leads a group marching against forced abortion and gendercide in China, at a recent March for Life.

Like so many, we were disappointed that the March for Life was virtual this year.   The March for Life has long been one of the highlights of our year.  There is no substitute for the energy of being in the midst of that massive march!

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers “marched” virtually to end “gendercide” – the sex-selective abortion of baby girls — in China.  In addition, WRWF “marched” on behalf of abandoned widows, and on behalf of the Uyghur minority women who are being forcibly aborted and sterilized by the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of WRWF, stated,  “We believe that women have the right to give birth to their daughters without being pressured to selectively abort them.  And we also believe that elderly women have the right to live out their days with dignity, with food on the table every day, knowing that someone cares about them in their old age – even if that person lives on the other side of the earth.”

The sex-selective abortion or abandonment of baby girls has continued under the Two Child Policy.  

According to the new Congressional-Executive Commission in China Report, released on January 14, 2021 “. . . Chinese authorities continued to threaten or impose punishments, including heavy fines, job termination, and abortion, on families for illegal pregnancies and births.”  These atrocities were especially committed against the Uyghurs:  “According to [German research analyst Adrian] Zenz and the AP [Associated Press report], government documents show that beginning in 2016, authorities have carried out widespread and systematic forced sterilizations, abortions, and intrauterine device (IUD) insertions on ethnic minority women in the XUAR [Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region], at rates far higher than anywhere else in China.”  

Secretary of State Pompeo declared the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority population in Xinjiang to be Genocide.  Their practices of forced abortion, forced sterilization and forced contraception are China’s War on Women.

According to one U.N. estimate, up to 200 million women are missing in the world today because of sex-selective abortion.  This gendercide has created a gender imbalance in China, where there are an estimated 37 million more males living than females.  This gender imbalance is in turn driving human trafficking and sexual slavery, within China and from the surrounding countries.

WRWF’s “Save a Girl” Campaign has saved hundreds of baby girls from sex-selective abortion or abandonment.

At the other end of life, China has the highest female suicide rate in the world.  According to a State Department Report, 590 women end their lives every day in China.  China also has a skyrocketing rate of senior suicide, which has increased 500% in the past 20 years. The One Child Policy has destroyed the family structure in China.  In the past, the Chinese enjoyed large families and it was not a burden for children and grandchildren to support the elderly.  Now many elderly are completely abandoned and destitute, especially elderly widows.  And the sad solution for many is to end their lives.  Our Save a Widow Campaign is restoring hope and dignity to widows in rural China. 

Littlejohn concluded, “We at Women’s Rights Without Frontiers are committed to helping Chinese women at every stage of their lives.  We help baby girls to be born, instead of being selectively aborted or abandoned because they are girls.  Likewise, we help their mothers defend themselves against the pressure to abort or abandon their baby girls.  And now we are extending help to elderly widows, to ease their suffering and give them dignity and new hope in the twilight season of their lives.  We do this because of the infinite value of each human life, from beginning to end.” 



Uyghur mother and sons in Xinjiang Province, China (iStock photo credit: rweisswald)

“In the process of eradicating extremism, the minds of Uygur [sic] women were emancipated . . . making them no long [sic] baby-making machines.” 

This quote is taken from an article recently appearing in the Chinese Communist Party-owned China Daily, claiming that the “eradication of extremism” has helped Uyghur women “to become healthy, confident and independent.”  In fact, this article seeks to justify China’s horrific human rights abuses against Uyghur women.  U.S. officials and China critics have slammed the article.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for example, promptly responded in a tweet,“Uyghur women are not ‘emancipated’ by forced abortions and sterilizations.” 

The China Daily article states that the birthrate among Uyghurs in Xinjiang has decreased “from the eradication of religious extremism.” What’s missing from the article is that, according to an AP Report, CCP-backed scholars have identified “as a key obstacle [to the CCP’s goals in Xinjiang] the religious belief that ‘the fetus is a gift from God.’”   This belief is identified as “religious extremism.”  By that definition, believers in most major world religions, including Christianity, would be identified by the CCP as “religious extremists.”   

Saying that the minds of Uyghur women have been “emancipated” from this “extremism,” “making them no longer baby-making machines,” shows the Chinese Communist Party’s disparaging view of religious faith, its patronizing view of women, its racism against Uyghurs, and its complete disrespect for the value of human life.

The China Daily article, citing a “report,” claims “The changes were not caused by ‘forced sterilization’ of the Uygur [sic] population, as repeatedly claimed by some Western scholars and politicians.’”  

This claim is pure propaganda.  It demonstrates the way in which the CCP’s media organs simply promote any narrative they want the world to believe, without any connection to reality.   In fact, according to credible sources — including the Associated Press, researcher Adrian Zenz, and Radio Free Asia, — substantial evidence exists that Uyghur women are being heavily persecuted through forced abortion, forced sterilization, and even infanticide.  These practices constitute crimes against humanity. 

The Trump administration has taken a leading role worldwide in forcefully condemning the CCP’s atrocities against the Uyghurs, a Muslim minority group in Xinjiang Province, also known as East Turkistan.   The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act received strong, bicameral and bipartisan support.  We call upon the Biden administration strongly to condemn human rights atrocities perpetrated by the CCP in Xinjiang, to sanction Chinese officials responsible for these atrocities under the Global Magnitsky Act, and to issue a genocide determination.  We further call upon them not to renew funding for the UNFPA, absent complete transparency and proof that the UNFPA is not collaborating with the CCP’s egregious population control program.  We also believe that China should not be honored to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

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Breakpoint/Colson Center Reggie Interview: God’s Image in a Little Girl


I am grateful to Breakpoint and the Colson Center for highlighting our life-saving work in China.   This Breakpoint piece focuses on my work at Mother Teresa’s home for abandoned children in Calcutta.  I tried to feed a small girl with a broken body but the spirit of a giant.  The radiance of her smile showed me why Mother Teresa was committed to the infinite value of every human life, especially those society casts off as worthless.  In many ways, this small girl was the inspiration behind our mission to save baby girls in China.  You can read this inspiring Breakpoint interview HERE.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Babies, Mothers and Widows in China Are Grateful to You

As we celebrate a day of thanks with our families and loved ones, I hope you feel great about what you have done for the women and girls of China.  Because of your generous support, hundreds of mothers have been able to resist the pressure to abort or abandon their baby girls.  These mothers are intensely grateful to you for enabling them to keep their beloved daughters. 

And, because of you, we are able to offer dignity and support to destitute widows in the Chinese countryside.  They are grateful beyond words for your help, which translates into food on the table and the restored sense that — even when their families have abandoned them — there are people who care, including you!

May the gratitude of the families we have saved in China overflow into your own hearts and homes this Thanksgiving day and always.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today is World Children’s Day – “Third Daughter” Saved in China

“Zhilan’s” mom was ready to give her away to strangers, until she talked to our fieldworker!

November 20 is World Children’s Day, commemorating the day in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.  Today, 61 years later, let us remember that an estimated 200 million women and girls throughout the world are “missing” through sex-selective abortion, abandonment, and fatal neglect.  But we are saving baby girls in China! 

This radiant little girl, Zhilan, is such a girl.  Unfortunately for her, she is the third daughter in her family.  Under China’s Two Child Policy, even second daughters are at risk of being aborted or abandoned.  Too many third daughters like Zhilan are never allowed to see the light of day.  

Zhilan’s family is poor, and did not want a third child, much less a third daughter.  Her mother was afraid of the harsh financial penalties of having a third child under China’s Two Child Policy.   Therefore, the family was thinking about giving Zhilan away to strangers.  They had even found a couple in a nearby city who wanted a daughter.  

But Zhilan’s mother knew that something was wrong, because the thought of giving Zhilan away to strangers broke her heart.  She could not bear the thought of a strange couple coming to take away her little daughter.  In anguish, she did not know what to do. 

Fortunately, one of our fieldworkers heard about Zhilan and visited the family to offer a monthly stipend for a year.  With our encouragement Zhilan’s mother decided to keep her beautiful, third daughter.  With tears in her eyes, she told our fieldworker, “Money is helpful, but this is something bigger than money.  I made the decision that I will raise my daughter myself, because a stranger from far away wants to help her.  Now I see that there is no excuse for me to give her away.” 

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WATCH – Reggie’s Feature Interview – China’s One Child Policy Turns 40

Dear Friends,

Friday, September 25 marked the 40th anniversary of China’s One Child (now Two Child) Policy.  I was truly humbled that the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation chose to interview me in commemoration of this somber anniversary.   The eminent Dr. Adrian Zenz, Senior Research Fellow in China Studies at the VOC, introduced me.  At minute 4:43,  I begin my 25 minute presentation on the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party, and what we are doing to help, especially with our Save a Girl and Save a Widow campaigns.   Dr. Zenz discusses continuing forced abortion, involuntary sterilization and infanticide against the Uyghurs.  This event is co-sponsored by Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.  You can watch this powerful interview HERE.

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