Reggie on LifeSiteNews – How Vaccine Passports Could Turn America into a Communist China-Style Surveillance State

iStock photo – credit: sinology

Dear Friend,

Whether or not you decide to take the vaccine is your personal choice.  We are not anti-vaxxers, but are very concerned that the digital platform used by “vax passports” can provide the same totalitarian functionality as used by the Chinese Communist Party’s Social Credit System.  In the wrong hands, “vax passports” could be used to usher in a surveillance state and totalitarianism on U.S. soil. Please read my comments and scroll down to watch a video of my presentation at a recent webinar HERE.

Thanks to LifeSiteNews and journalist Ashley Sadler for raising the visibility of this issue.

As you may know, we have taken a leading role in co-founding the movement.  This is an uphill battle.  Please support us.

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