“They will kill your baby in your face” – Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng

WASHINGTON, D.C.  “In today’s China, under the Communist rule, the government can put their hand into your body, grab your baby out of your womb, and kill your baby in your face.”  These were the words of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Chen Guangcheng.   Jailed, tortured and denied medical treatment for years in China, Chen exposed the rampant use of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization in the coercive enforcement of China’s notorious One Child Policy.

Chen Guangcheng spoke, together with Congressman Chris Smith and Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, at a well-attended event at The Heritage Foundation marking the International Day of the Girl Child.  Today, WRWF released the transcript of the English translation of Mr. Chen’s remarks.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated, “Chen Guangcheng’s statement was extremely bold.  He described what he termed a ‘war zone,’ in which whole villages of people would sleep in the fields to escape forced abortion at the hands of the dreaded Family Planning Police.  He stated that the Central Propaganda Department had issued a media ban, so that cases of forced abortion would not be reported by the media.  Further, the police department and the court system were ordered not to touch such cases, leaving victims with no redress.”

Chen emphasized that the “Communist Party does not represent . . . the Chinese people . . . they have become a public enemy of the Chinese people.”   He stated that the Communist Party “is many times more dangerous than terrorist groups.”  Chen concluded by calling for an end to Communism in China:  “In such a situation, we, people of conscience, must stand up with the Chinese people to end the Communist rule in China.”

Littlejohn continued:  “The Chinese Communist Party continues to brutalize women through the One Child Policy.  News of forced abortion rarely reaches the West, because of the media ban imposed by the Chinese government, as Chen Guangcheng has stated.  For every forced abortion published in the western press, there are hundreds or thousands of women suffering in silence and obscurity.  The victims of forced abortion and sterilization have nowhere to turn.  They are protected by neither the police nor the court system.  Their own government, which should be protecting their rights, has become their ‘public enemy.’  Those who dare to stand up for victims of the One Child Policy, like Chen Guangcheng, are jailed and tortured.  Therefore, because we in the West have freedom of speech, we have the moral obligation to be a voice for these voiceless ones.  We need to band together to end these atrocities.”

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Read the English translation of Mr. Chen’s full remarks at Heritage here:

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