WATCH:  Digital Gulag Webinar, Dangerous Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations


Please watch our powerful webinar on the Digital Gulag that will entrap us if the proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations are approved by the World Health Assembly.  We co-sponsored this Webinar because an urgent situation has arisen:  A working committee of the WHO met IN SECRET earlier this month to finalize proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.  They produced their report on Sunday, January 15, but THIS REPORT HAS NOT BEEN DISCLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.

It is appalling that the WHO is secretly considering amendments to the International Health Regulations which, if adopted, would constitute the greatest voluntary surrender of our national sovereignty since our Republic was founded. 

Further, the attempt to slip this surrender of sovereignty through quietly as amendments to International Health Regulations constitutes an attempt to subvert the treaty process, thus performing an end-run around our constitutional treaty-making process and the legislatures of the nations of the world.

Reggie moderated the panel, which included outstanding panelists Trevor Loudon, Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, James Roguski and Pam Pryor.



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