WATCH Reggie’s Interview on OANN – Stop Vaccine Passports!

 Screenshot, OANN’s Dan Ball interviews Reggie about vaccine passports

Dear Friend,

Please watch this important interview on “Vaccine Passports.”  In it, we discuss the fact that according to tech experts, the digital platform used by Vaccine Passports can provide the same totalitarian functionality as used by the Chinese “Social Credit System.”  In the wrong hands, they could be used for mass surveillance and control in our own country.  Vaccine Passports are the way that China is abusing the pandemic and the vaccine to export their form of government around the world.

This is an incredibly important issue.  Please take the time to watch!

The host, Dan Ball, introduces me at time stamp 5:30.  Watch the interview HERE.  

Sign our petition to Stop Vaccine Passports HERE.

Support our efforts HERE.  

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