WATCH Reggie’s NTD/Epoch Times TV Interview – One Child Policy Still Taking Toll Years Later:  Expert

Historic One-Child Policy slogan, entered into the Congressional Record by Reggie Littlejohn during her testimony of September 22, 2011.

Watch HERE.

Dear Friend,

While China now operates under a Three-Child Policy, the legacy of the One Child Policy remains crippling.   Watch this powerful, 8-minute interview of Reggie by Tiffany Meier of New Tang Dynasty TV, where Reggie discusses the 400 million babies that never saw the light of day because of forced abortion and sterilization.  This coercive low birth limit, combined with son preference, led to rampant sex-selective abortion of baby girls.  This in turn led to a severe gender imbalance, with 30 to 40 million more men living in China than women.  Now, China is one of the world’s worst offenders in human trafficking and sexual slavery.  

The interview ends on a hopeful note:  how we are helping the situation with our Save a Girl and Save a Widow campaigns.

Watch HERE.

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