Save a Widow in Uganda!  Our New Initiative!

Katalina, one of the widows we are saving in Uganda.

I am overjoyed to announce that we are now saving widows in Uganda!  This is a significant expansion of our efforts to help destitute, elderly widows live their lives with dignity.  Learn more HERE.

People think of us when they think of China.  Our Save a Girl and Save a Widow Campaigns in China are flourishing and we seek to expand those campaigns as well.  But we are “Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.”  We are not limited to China.  We can help at-risk women and girls anywhere in the world!

So, why Uganda?  Years ago, I traveled to Uganda, and was heartbroken to see the plight of widows there.  I am grateful to have developed a strong relationship of trust with our faithful partners in Uganda, whom I have known for more than 15 years.

The challenges of Ugandan widows are very different from those of Chinese widows.  In China, the One Child Policy has decimated the family structure, leaving no one to care for destitute widows.   In Uganda, infant and child mortality have caused widows to be abandoned.  One of our widows gave birth to ten children, and only one survived to adulthood!  Not only was she destitute, but she was also utterly heartbroken, grieving the deaths of her nine children!

AIDS is a huge problem in Uganda.   Many men have died of AIDS.  Some of their widows were infected with HIV, and they have no money to buy needed medication.  

Our Ugandan fieldworkers visit our widows once a month to check in on them, to encourage them, and to give them $25, to help them eat better and perhaps buy some medication.   I hope you will consider donating to support these dear women, who have no one else to turn to. 

Illiteracy is also rampant in the Ugandan countryside among the elderly.   We ask our widows to sign a form each month verifying that they received the funds donated for them.  More than half of these widows cannot write their names, but “sign” with a thumbprint!

We now have 30 widows in our program.  With your help, we can expand this number and help more widows in desperate need!  To learn more, please click HERE.

If you would like your donation to be restricted to “Save a Widow – Uganda,” just send me a reply email making that request.

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