WRWF’s Reggie to Co-Lead DC Rally to Stop the Beijing Olympic “Genocide Games”

Reggie speaks at a Capitol Hill rally on the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre

Dear Friend,

Please join Reggie in DC on Tuesday, July 13, for our rally on the Capitol Mall to stop the “Genocide Games” – the Winter Olympics currently scheduled for Beijing in 2022.  Details are below.  The Chinese Communist Party does not deserve to host these games, and we are on the cutting edge of the movement to stop them.

Human rights activists and freedom-fighters will hold a rally to “Stop the 2022 Genocide Games in Beijing.”  Speakers will include:

Sam Brownback, Former Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom

Chen Guangcheng, Chinese Human Rights Activist

Bob Fu, Founder and President of China Aid

Rushan Abbas, Founder and Executive Director of the Campaign for Uyghurs

Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Reggie stated:  “It is an affront to human rights for the Olympics to be held in Beijing when the Chinese Communist Party is among the worst human rights abusers in the history of the world.  They are committing Genocide against the Uyghurs and multifarious other atrocities against Tibetans and citizens of Hong Kong.  They unleashed the coronavirus on the world and deadly fentanyl on our own shores.  They have stolen countless billions of dollars in intellectual property.  Far from receiving the honor of hosting the Olympics, they should be declared a Transnational Criminal Organization.”

We are calling for the Olympics to be moved or boycotted.  Sign our petition at: https://genocidegames.org/petition/ 

Noon-3 p.m. ET, Tuesday, July 13 on the far east end of the National Mall at 3rd St. SW between Madison Dr NW and Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, D.C.


The effort to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from being rewarded for its genocide and many other crimes against humanity is being sponsored by the Genocide Games Coalition led by Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, the Committee on the Present Danger: ChinaSave the Persecuted Christians, and other national NGOs.  Check out our website at https://genocidegames.org/.

We hope to see you there!

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